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Francistown Times: News from the Imperial Federal Kingdom

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Le roi est mort

Yesterday, King-Emperor Daniel IV and I died, at 6:55 PM. More on this story, coming soon.

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The Provincial Republic of New Chandler sends its deepest condolences to the royal family of Grand and Belluterra.

President Kyle Johansen would like to be in attendance at the funeral, if world leaders are invited.

King-Emperor Elect Charles I, on behalf of the Royal Family, sends his thanks to the people of New Chandler, and officially invites Kyle Johansen to the funeral.

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isn't that Prins Willem Alexander from Holland? Very Happy

King-Emperor Daniel IV & I- A biography in brief

L-R: King-Emperor Daniel IV & I, King-Emperor-Elect Charles I

King Daniel IV was born Prince Daniel John Alexander Phillip Petersroy, on the 19th of February, 1974, to King Daniel III and Grand Princess Alicia, the second of three sons and five daughters from his father's first wife, a little over five years after the conclusion of the Third Island War. Due to the fact that the Royal Palaces were still being reconstructed after being devastated during the aforementioned war, the Royal Family spent most of their time aboard the Royal Yacht GRY Heavenly, where the prince was born. His childhood was marked by the civil unrest that plagued both Grand and Belluterra in the 70s, caused by the wake of the Third Island War, and also in the case of Grand, the usual cause of the Spanish rebelling again. These events, and others as well, convinced the young prince that at least in the case of Grand, constitutional monarchy was a failure, and a return to the absolutism of his forefathers was nessecary. He also resolved to try to help his older brother Charles to try and reunite Grand and Belluterra, which had so fatefully separated in 1790. However, Prince Imperial Charles died after a short battle with cancer in 1986, making Daniel the new Prince Imperial, and therefore, he was to be the next in line to the throne. He soon began to take over several of the Royal duties from his aging father.
He retired from politics in 1990 to marry his childhood friend Amanthis McCloskey. However, being the next in line, he was unable to completely leave politics, and eventually, he was forced to reenter politics. The overthrow of the ruling Communist Party of Belluterra in 1992, with secret funding from Grand, brought Prince Daniel's goals one step closer to completion. That year was also the year in which he and his wife had their first child, a daughter, who they christened May, after the month she was born in. A little less than a year later, they had another child, a son, who they called Charles. Their third child, Prince Luke, was born in 1996.
King Daniel III died in late 1997, at the age of 68, thus making Daniel the new king. A few days before his coronation, his wife gave birth to another daughter, who they named Frances. A few hours after he was crowned King Daniel IV, a man tried to shoot him with a pistol, which misfired, however. This was the first of over a dozen attempts on his life over the next 13 years or so. He soon opened negotiations with the newly-inaugurated President of Belluterra to reunite the country. These overtures were favorably received, and the official date of reunion was set for May 10, 1998. When that date arrived, King Daniel I was crowned Emperor Daniel I of Belluterra, merging the two countries into one, to great celebration, after 208 years of existing separately. In 1999, King Daniel finally had the consitution amended to effectively make the nation an absolute monarchy, with the exception of Belluterra. Later that year, Prince William was born. He would be the last member of the Royal Family born in the 20th century.
Princess Amanthis was born in late 2001, providing a new member to the ever-growing Royal Family. After September 11, the nation sent their condolences to the US, while also tightening their own security, and also declaring a still-existent state of martial law in Lamer Province, in order to be able to quickly and effectively crush any uprising among the Spanish. When the US invaded Afghanistan, however, the condemnation was strong, and Grand refused to participate in any way. A few days before the US invaded Iraq in 2003, the Grand Princess had twins, who they christened Mary and Anna. When Bush invaded Iraq, King Daniel called the claims about WMD "a bunch of f****** b*******", and threatened to pull out of the UN unless either the UN stopped the US, or the US stopped the invasion. When the ultimatum expired, Grand and Belluterra did as they threatened, and left. In 2009, they launched their still-classified spaceship, unmanned. It was radio-controlled the entire flight, and successfully returned a few days later In 2010, they completed their project to send a man into space- 5 men actually, to test their own variant of the Space Shuttle, similar in some respects to both the Buran and the Space Transport System, but different in others, such as the ability to refuel in space, and the ability to leave Earth orbit. The crew made a triumphant return a few days later. In October 2010, Grand Princess Amanthis II presented him with what would be his final child, a son, who they named Prince Michael, after his recently-deceased uncle. In early 2011, the Royal House was scandalized when it was discovered that the King-Emperor's oldest daughter, Princess May, had disappeared after having an affair with an unknown person. The Princess was discovered living under an assumed name in the Stone Republic over a month later, and she was subsequently extradited to Grand, where after standing trial on numerous charges, was sentenced to a total of 25 years in prison. Later, King Daniel sent in the Republican Kingdom's official application to join the Alliance of Independent Nations as an observer. While the application was under voting, the birthday of his oldest son, Prince Imperial Charles, rolled around, During the traditional outdoor festivities, one of the King's bodyguards, now determined to have been in the pay of the outlawed SLA, or Spanish Liberation Army, turned on the King and shot him twice. The Prince Imperial was one of the others who was wounded, although he was back to work within 5 days. Later, he sent in an application to join the interplanetary union, the United Sovereign Nations of the World. The nation was accepted on the 2nd of May. King-Emperor Daniel IV & I died in his bed yesterday, at 6:55 PM, not long after receiving Holy Communion, with many members of his family and friends with him. His last words, spoken to Charles, were these: "Keep our nations united."

World leaders have been invited to the funeral, which shall take place on the 10th. So far, President Kyle Johnson of New Chandler has confirmed that he will be there.

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Le roi est mort, vive le roi!

Syldavia send its deepest condolences to the people of Republican Kingdom of Grand and Belluterra.


His Royal Highness and Leader of the United Kingdom High King Charles Andrei IV of Posillipo, Her Majesty Vasilissa Sofia Renaldi II Queen of Posillipo, and His Majesty King Xue Hong of Astey offer their deepest condolences to the people of Grand and Belluterra.

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Senior Grand Pincess Amanthis, on behalf of the people of Grand and Belluterra, thanks Syladavia, Posillipo, and Astey for their kind words in this difficult time.

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Kisa Atsuko

Member (Sundanesia)
Member (Sundanesia)
President Ahmad Jalaludin send its deepest condolences to the people Republican Kingdom Grand and Belluterra.

Julien Safri
Presidential Spokesperson

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His Royal Highness the King-Emperor-Elect, Charles the First, sends his gratitude to the people of Karasem for their concern.

(the following is not exactly part of roleplay:)

List of foreign dignitaries attending the funeral so far:

President Kyle Johnson, Provincial Republic of New Chandler;
King Jordan I, Kingdom of Waterbridge;
Prime Minister Matthew Whitehead, Stone Republic;
High King Charles Andrei IV, United Imperial Kingdom of Posillipo and Astey;
Vasilissa Sofia II, Kingdom of Posillipo;
Damien Rougessi, Ambassador for the United Kingdom of Cattala to the Republican Kingdom of Grand and Belluterra
Empress Margaret, Sunrise Empire; (although she's the empress, apparently she's from New Chandler Razz )
Prince Marco, Sunrise Empire

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I don't think the Posillipo leaders said they would be at the funeral Razz

About Empress Margaret she was a New Chandlerite married into the Sunrise royal family... something like that I'm not really sure Razz

Chip told me on Skype they'll attend Wink

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Could an admin please move this to the media & press center? Thanks!

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emperordaniel wrote:Could an admin please move this to the media & press center? Thanks!
No problem Smile

Accomplices of David Zhou arrested

Today, after a brief seige of one of the few large, wealthy houses in Laguna la Mer, ten Ensuñans were arrested as prime suspects in the assassination of King-Emperor Daniel I. The involved vehicles included a tank, three helicopters, and a gunboat. The suspects were caught with, among other things, 10 unopened cases of bullets identical to the ones used to kill Emperor Daniel I and Duke Horace IX, among others. The suspects are expected to be brought before the USNW High Court within two weeks, in what will likely be the USNWHC's first case. The suspect's names and ages are:

Felipe Sanchez, 29
Marco Fernandez, 45
Leonardo Fernandez, 39
Jose Gonzalez, 27
Adolfo Marquez, 53
Sebastian Rosales, 37
Pedro Guerra, 45
Pablo Mendizabal, 35
Manuel O'Ryan. 21
Francisco Sancho, 57

The charges per person are expected to include:

Illegal possession of firearms (30 years)
Illegal possession of bullets (10 years)
Illegal possession of explosive substances (35 years)
Accomplices in five counts of murder (5 death sentences)
Ten counts of attempted murder (10 death sentences)
Second-Degree Treason (death sentence) [WILL NOT BE TRIED IN USNWHC]
Membership in an illegal organization, the Ensuñan Liberation Army [ELA] (50 years)
Three counts of assault (30 years)

More information on this story as it develops.

In other news:

Execution by hanging of David Zhou to take place this Sunday; general public invited to what will likely be the last public execution in Grand

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I'm looking forward to the execution. Razz

Should I make a mini-update for it then?

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First Minister (Kaskaskia & Insulo)
First Minister (Kaskaskia & Insulo)
While Insulo is deeply saddened by the tragedy that has befallen the nation of Grand and Belluterra and offers condolences to the victims' families, we wish to insure that the utmost care is taken in handling this situation, as many of these defendants identify themselves with our nation and some have family in Insulo. To begin, we would wish to strongly discourage the use of hanging, especially publicly, as a form of execution. We also wish to caution Grandian officials that Insulonian Intelligence has obtained knowledge that the ELA wishes to use Mr. Zhou and the other defendants as martyrs for their cause and possibly attempt a full-scale uprising in ethnically Insulonian areas of Grand. Secondly, Insulo would like to make absolutely certain that all charges and sentences are warranted. We expect to find that not all Attempted Murder charges have significant support from evidence. We will be demanding evidence that each defendant fired a shot toward the victims. Thirdly, we do not believe the death penalty is a suitable punishment for person accused of being accomplices in murder. Lastly, Insulo is seeking to provide a defense for the defendants in this case.

-Statement to the Press from the Senate of Insulo

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Sheuias banned in Grand
by Samuel Hendrickson

A typical sheuias plantation

FRANCISTOWN, GRA- After a long legal battle, lasting over 15 years, the herb Akron grandensis, popularly known in Grand as sheuias, has been officially declared an illegal drug, only fit for use in laboratory experiments, and even then, only with Royal permission.

An addictive drug, sheuias is harvested from the unopened buds of the Akron bush, which are then roasted in minature fires to open them up in order to extract the oils, and also to give them a distinctive smell. The burnt sheuias buds are then mingled with old pine needles, have the sheuias oil poured over it, and smoked. It is relatively scarce in the wild, but is easily cultivated, making it possible for widespread sheuias cultivation across the nation. Sheuias consumption has usually dropped during times of turmoil in the nation, but always has picked up afterwards. It was banned only once before, during the Trentannian occupation of Grand (1941-1952). The Trentannian anti-sheuias campaign was extremely successful, and the entire species was on the verge of extinction, until the Trenntannian's withdrawal, and the subsequent defeat of the Grand Republic.

The decision, which was handed on the evening of July 4th, has been met with scattered protests across the nation, but nevertheless. The law, which shall go into effect on the 16th, will prohibit any unauthorized use of sheuias, with a penalty of anywhere from one to sixty years for posession of it, depending on the quantity possessed, and a penalty of anywhere from five to seventy-five years for unauthorized cultivation of the drug, and death for unauthorized trafficking of the substance.

First Grandian nuclear test in 40 years scheduled to take place on the 10th
by Amy Higgins

Operation Golden Cloud, the first (and only to date) Grandian detonation of a nuclear weapon

APELKOS, MAL- Today, it was confirmed in a press conference that Grand is resuming nuclear tests, codenamed "Operation Desert", beginning this Sunday. Most details of the operation are still classified, and will remain so for years, a few details have been released. Among the few details relating to the resumption of nuclear testing released in the conference is that the first shot, "Desert Fox", will have an expected yield of around 35 kilotons. Operation Desert will be the first nuclear test to occur in the Forgian Desert Firing Range, near the Forgian border. Forgia is expected to lodge an official protest over the matter, and this is very likely to worsen the already bad relations between the Kingdom of Malo and our neighbor, the Sultanate of Forgia.

In other news...

- Sir John William Marshall of Francistown elected as first USNW Minister of Defense
- Kingdom of Malo confirmed as first destination on Emperor Charles I's world tour after coronation, making him the first Grandian monarch to visit the Kingdom of Malo
- First Annual Defers International Film Festival to begin in a week; anticipation awaits all the nations with films entered
- MS Queen of Adonia, the largest passenger ship in the world, begins cruises next month

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Good news Danie Smile Good read


Not a big fan of the nuclear test Razz but nice articles!


K50 Dude wrote:Not a big fan of the nuclear test but nice articles!

Nuclear testing... BAD Razz Idk if Escambia would approve but hey what the heck go for it! Wink

the nuclear testing is actually not that far from Escambia... Razz Only 3 nations (including Lisieux) are between you and Malo Razz

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sweet jesus daniel :p

Nukes! Nukes!

Puget prepares firing...err "testing" of own nukes Razz

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