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History/Update | A city called Cigani Daz...

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1 History/Update | A city called Cigani Daz... on Sun May 20, 2012 3:08 pm


A city called Cigani Daz...

<<...I was at home with my parents and my sister when we heard the planes firing on the local school,that was just in front of our home,in Pioneer's Avenue. We seen the trees falling down and a part of the school's gym falling down...some minutes later my father went out to see,I followed him... there were more than 18 people on the streets,most of them armed with some rifles,most of them were my friends...>

<<...Oh my...oh no! They're bombing the hospital! (*planes launching missiles*) We have to go away! (*machine guns firing*) How will we do? They're bombing everything! Oh n..(*explosion*)...>

Cigani Daz is one of the best cities in Achay. Clean,good transport system,good services,low cost apartments in the center...and the largest military barrack of the country.
The city,during the Socialist-era,was the most controlled city. There were,with a population of 40.000 people,3 police stations. But the life with the army next to their homes,became too hard for the people of Cigani Daz. So,in 1988,the population decided to block the main roads and to start a guerrilla warfare in the city. At the end,more than 3000 people died. But at the end the army had to withdraw from the city...

<<...It was the perfect city,but we had to go away from it. I think we will not return there,too much bad memories...too much...>

Pics of the barracks:

Other pics of "the perfect city":


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wow bad history D=D=D= and Taichung has a newer version of that statue outside of the capital building xDxD

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D: D: D: Oh noes

Nice little town D:

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