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Admin (Shayden)
Admin (Shayden)
The modern name ''Shayden'' came from the Native Euphemians who originally colonized the lands. The term "Shayden" can be translated to: "The Land of Opportunity" in Algonquian.

Native Euphemians ruled the land until the early 1500's, when Euphemia was discovered by Insulo explorers. Trentannia occupied what made up the original 9 Colonies for many years. During this time Native Euphemians and those not born in Trentannia were treated unequally. Natives dealt with higher taxes, a lower employment rate, and higher prices by Trentannian businesses when it came to goods and service. It was segregation based on nationality. After being treated unfairly for several years, the final straw was when Trentannian Government decided to increase taxes on Euphemians once again in 1779.

Colonies War:
In 1779, Trentannia taxed its Euphemia colonies to pay debts from a recent war. This, along with being treated as unequal to naturally born Trentannians for several years caused major backlash. In 1780, Acadia and Shayden declared themselves independent from Trentannia, and started the Colonies' War. After 9 years, Acadia and Shayden became independent when the Treaty of Erikkson was signed. This treaty ceded all land west of the Shaydian colonies to Shayden. Acadia and Shayden have remained close allies ever since the Colonies War came to and end and independence was accomplished.

Great Adonian War:
During the GAW, Shayden was a huge supplier, and was a major allied force. It played a vital role giving supplies to allies and sending troops to West Althena, while in partnership with Acadia.  After the GAW, Shayden became very nationalist, and a new flag was introduced. Companies that were incorporated before the flag change have the privilege of bearing the old flag. While it is not illegal for a post-1958 incorporated company to bear the flag, it is seen as disrespectful.

Modern Day:
Today, Shayden is a very successful nation with large influence upon other nations, the world's strongest military, and an excellent healthcare system. Shayden is progressing faster than almost any other nation in the world, slowly ending dependency on nonrenewable resources, fighting for equality for all citizens, and keeping its citizens happy and safe.

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