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Appeal for an international cast for the new film Amazon

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From the desk of the head of FrancisFilms Corporation, Carl Sealberg:

To people all over Earth, and also to the people of roleplaying planets:

Our subsidary company, Historic Book Films, is working on a film adaptation of the Jules Verne book "Eight Hundred Leagues on the Amazon", and wishes to have an international cast, in order to make the film mroe respectable with the international community. Applications are welcome from any country, but the deadline for international cast members is the 24th of April. Here is information about the film:


Director: William Fulton
Genre: Adventure
Length: 200 minutes (planned)
Language(s): English, French, Mandarin, Spanish, Portuguese, Original (In other words, all the languages the characters speak in the film)
Budget: $30,000,000
Synopsis: Joam Garral, a ranch owner near the Peruvian-Brazilian border, grants his daughter's wish to travel to Belém where she wants to marry Manuel Valdez in the presence of Manuel's invalid mother. The Garrals travel down the Amazon River using a giant timber raft. At Belém, Joam plans to restore his good name, as he is still wanted in Brazil for a crime he did not perpetrate. A scoundrel named Torres offers Joam absolute proof of Joam's innocence but the price that Torres wants for this information is to marry Joam's daughter, which is inconceivable to Joam. The proof lies in an encrypted letter that will exonerate Garral. When Torres is killed, the Garral family must race to decode the letter before Joam is executed.

And the sign-up form:

Preferred role:

And the list of available main roles:

Benito Garral/Benito Dacosta: Brazilian, young, son of Joam & Yaquita, sister of Minha, friend of Manuel
Fragoso: Brazilian, barber, young, friend of the Garral/Dacosta family and Lina
Joam Garral/Joam Dacosta: Brazilian, ranch owner, middleaged
Judge Jarriquez: Brazilian, judge, middleaged
Lina Mulatto, devoted servant and best friend of Minha Played by Mary Wille
Manuel Valdez: Brazilian, university student, young, betrothed of Minha, friend of Benito
Minha Garral/Minha Dacosta: Brazilian, young, daughter of Joam & Yaquita, brother of Benito, betrothed of Manuel
Torres Brazilian, slave-hunter, young
Yaquita Garral/Yaquita Docosta: Potuguese, middleaged, wife of Joam

I am looking forward to international cooperation in this project!

Carl F. Sealberg

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