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Nation Name (Longest Official Form): Socialist Republic of Matinenda
Nation Name (Native Form): Repubblica Socialista di Metinende
National Anthem:
National Motto: "Uguaglianza e prosperità per tutti" (Equality and Prosperity for All)
Capital: Deliterri
Government: Social Democracy
Prime Minister: Vincenzo Mencken
Official Language: Matinendan, Trenntannian, Etruscan
Population: 62,301,231 (2010)
Area: 432,261 km2
Population Density: 144.1 km2
Climate: Mediterranean
GDP (₥22,482- Per Capita): ₥1.4 trillion
Currency: Mill (₥) (₥1.00=$1.39)
HDI: .892
Drives on the: right
Internet TLD: .mat
Telephone Code: 42


Matinenda was formed in the 11th Century as the Mateniadan Empire, after several small kingdoms joined together to combat Posillipian Imerialism. The absolute monarchy was overthrown in the 17th Century, being replaced with a Constitutional Monarcy, which was later abolished in the late 19th Century. Matinenda gained a policy of neutrality (much like the Article 9 of Okaiken) which made their only involvment in the Adonian war as suppliers of metals to both sides. This policy was dropped in the 1990's, but Matinenda remains non-aligned to this day.

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