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Member (Bergenstein & Kallvarde)
Member (Bergenstein & Kallvarde)
Nation Name: Unified States of Bergenstein
Common Name: Bergenstein
Native Name: Einheitliche Staaten von Bergenstein (german)
Capital City: Verwaltungstadt
Area: 254432.51 KM SQ
Population: 28,496,441
Population Density: 112/sq km
Language: Bergen (Low Saxon) [Various recognized regional languages are below.]
GDP Per Capita(PPP): $28,875
GDP (PPP): $822,834,733,875
Currency: Skiler [Accepted in all regions; however, regions also may have their own currencies listed below.]
Head of State: High King Gotenburg
Motto: Peace and Prosperity
Alternate Motto: March For Life
Human Development Index (HDI): .895
Internet TLD: See below

Government Information:

Head of State: High King Gotenburg
Head of Government: Lord Chancellor
Government: Absolute constitutional monarchy and partial parliamentary democracy
Legislature: Bicameral Reichstag [Little power]
Counsel of Monarchs
The lesser Counsel
Speaker: Hans Bornberger

Economical Information
Major Exports: Arable Products, Machinery (Farming, Military and Domestic), Transportation Planning, Architectural Design, Construction
Major Imports: Electronics,
Major Industries: Farming, Construction (Export), Small scale manufacture, Finance
Major Resources: Arable land, Iron, Precious metals (Not valuable)  
Major Companies: AGF (general), Castret ARR (Construction), Minek (Banking)

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