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Klow, Vladivostok

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Member (Sinope)

In the State of Vladivostok lies the capital and largest city: Klow. It is located on the eastern shore of the Vladivostok Peninsula, which projects into the Alcadean Sea, in northern Relastova. Klow has a subtropical semi-arid climate (Köppen climate classification: BSk) with warm and dry summers, cool and occasionally wet winters, and strong winds all year long. However, unlike many other cities with this climate, Klow does not see extremely hot summers. This is largely because of the fact that it is located on a peninsula on the south shore of the Alcadean Sea. Klow and the Vladivostok Peninsula on which it is situated, is the most arid part of Relastova (precipitation here is around or less than 200 mm (8 in) a year).

Population (metro): 2,627,185
Mayor: Hajibala Abutalybov
State: Vladivostok
Foundation: 67 AD
Klow, Vladivostok Klow

Klow, Vladivostok Baku01

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