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ZvezdAir (known in Utrovan as AeroZvezda,АероЗвезда) is the main Aviation company in Sojuzovsk. The company was founded in 50's as AeroSojuz/АероСоюз,but with the time the name was changed in the current one. ZvezdAir offers Cargo services and Passenger services.
ZvezdAir can be active in the entire Adonia and,with the best services and comforts,there are three International airports in the entire our territory:
the main is the Vladimir Lenin International,that is located in the city of Novoekazevsk,at 10kms from the center of Sojuzovsk city. The Vladimir Lenin has got also a military section in the locality of Mlinsk,at 2kms from the Vladimir Lenin.
The second main airport is the Lev Leshcharsky located near Karskopavlovsk,at 35kms north of Sojuzovsk.
The third airport is the Youth International,and is located in the port-city of Kazamersky-Levkosary.

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