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Akemoor official Updates

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1 Akemoor official Updates on Thu Dec 29, 2011 6:23 am

(reserved for laters, for now, teaser while I silently make more varieties of slums)

-Willi cki ohti, Head of arts and cultural offices-
126 port Ave Darnelle

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2 Re: Akemoor official Updates on Thu Dec 29, 2011 6:34 am

That looks pretty cool.

Great use of the flora.

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3 Re: Akemoor official Updates on Thu Dec 29, 2011 8:04 am

Looks great! I wish I could florify my cities that well D:

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4 Re: Akemoor official Updates on Sun Jan 01, 2012 5:16 am

And now for an actual update (shock horror)


Welcome to Akemoor. Because this is the first official time we've shown much to the world we thought "Hey! why not spiel a little history?" So we went with this....and here are the results below, sorted into their various locations and cultures.

-Manangari, Port Wilhelm-

Ah the great Port Wilhelm....did yo know this was one of the very first places in Akemoor with permanent residences? You see, back in 1723 there was a literal nothing here...just a beach and a few shrubs. The peoples of the area were under pressure from outside nations to build something that they could trade with, a port...or a dock...or just something. Even though this pressure was felt throughout the coast the members of the local area at the time where one of the only to realise this call for trade. So, they got to work with their limited knowledge in the field of building anything....and created a wooden shack from which people from the other nations would come to bring many wondrous things like gunpowder and tools in exchange for some ceremonial artifacts and various varieties of opal which were common in the area. With time, the native peoples of this area became fond of the tools and other wonderful things that the travelers brought so instead of going with their cultural beliefs, they went completely against them. They decided to stay in the one place. This was not met with very much love. But, through this they had something that the other did not....they had acquired guns as well as the support of the travelers who brought them there. The following years were not nice. From 1725-34 there were constant attacks upon the now growing port and many lives were lost. On March the 13th of 1735, a woman by the name of Wilhelm, formed her own alliance with some travelers and one of the docks. This alliance was designed to make the slowly growing port town known at the time as Darnak grow ever so much faster, the deal was that the travelers would start to bring in farming equipment and various other things that had been in short supply and in return she promised to have the attacks stop. Completely.

How she went about getting this to happen would leave a scar on the area for many years to come. In the night, she and a band of her followers went out with torches and set alight to the surrounding scrublands more than any people had done before for traditional bush burning techniques. She and her followers had started an inferno. Unluckily it was a hot, dry and windy day so the fires soon grew into a massive bushfire that would go on to burn a portion of the port town and claim an estimated 75 lives there, then burn the essentially the entire Manangari Island (Manangari is an island, the kind made by a fork in a river that creates two mouths) scrub and forestry down to the ground. It was not meant to be this bad in the slightest. The tribes in the area lost an estimated 230 people that day with many more injured.

When put under the grill by the community and the surviving tribe peoples Wilhelm explained that the attacks were foolish and meaningless, that the port was the future of the entire peoples and that the fire was only meant to scare, not scar. But she did it in a way that would remain in the communities minds for a long time afterwards. She was a charismatic woman and a convincing one that would not be rivaled for another hundred or so years.

She had managed to untie the slightly charred peoples to make the port the best damn port in the area.

When the travelers came back to see the now growing rapidly fields left by the bushfire they took their chance and began with the planting of many different plants and species that would serve the city for two hundred years to come. After they were completed in 1738 the town saw a massive rise in population with people actually coming from overseas to live there as well as the lack of predators and diseases. In 1741 it was decided that the port be named after Wilhelm who had passed away on an unknown date in September sometime. Thus, Port Wilhelm was born.

-Manangari, CBD-

The CBD of manangari, a bustling and wealthy place to be sure.

In 1739, this place was ah but one small trading post connected to the port just half a kilometer to the east. It was only till the next year did some immigrants get the idea of "hey, let's build here" and thus they did. With the lack of land laws in Managari (at the time that was the entire country) they just built there, no one minded as there wasn't much there in the first place. In fact, people like the idea, a place where they could place most of the newer peoples coming in. It was met with wide welcome. Several acres of land was just built upon in a sprawling fashion that saw the raising of eyebrows from tribepeoples across the river who where not used to seeing lights across the river. A group of around 50 men came from across the river to see just what it was and were horrible surprised to find that the people had gone against their ancient culture that at the time was fairly well law. Again, not met with love just as the first people had faced from the Managari tribes. Except this time...there was a LOT of people. More than the tribepeoples had ever seen before. There were strange things they had not seen either like large canoes on the coast (ships) and strange huts made from pebbles (stone houses)

Most importantly, they saw the absolute amounts of food the people had...and how happy they were. Everyone seemed to be smiling. It was like nothing they had ever seen! They quickly retreated back to their side of the river to what was at the time a small time of famine. No one on their side was terribly happy and there were many starving people. Instead of becoming Jealous they just expected to be able to share with the people in the port town. Which is when the culture shock occurred. The peoples of this weird place were not sharing, which was very VERY unlike before when they could go into any tribe they wanted and take what they needed. And other tribes could do the same to them as long as they had something to give. And the port goers had a lot to give in their eyes. In 1745 they had begun to try and learn the ways of this new and strange place and were not terribly happy. Until one young man by the name of Narmeni came up with the cunning plot to change the culture in the port town to what it was before....with the things that was making the port city so great, which in their eyes was the fact that they had begun to stay put and work the lands around the instead of looking for new ones. His plan was to set up a church of sorts on the isle. They found a small space in between two of those weird stone houses (this is in the future CBD btw) and built the beginnings of their church. At first it was just a small stage with a podium...and that's it. Then it started to catch on, the original peoples from before loved the old ways mixed with the new that the church stood for and began to flock to it in droves. By 1748 the church had bought some of the surrounding buildings and built a stone thingy (in Narmeni's own [translated] words) of their own that sure as heck beat that silly stage and podium. Although the podium has been kept in a museum ever since. After this rapid growth in popularity in 1834 Narmeni died at the ripe old age of 74...incredible for his area and that time period. The church he had left in his wake was both great and influential in Akemoor to this day, being the single largest church in Akemoor itself.
Nowadays the old stone church has been literally moved to a safer location outside of the city. The new headquarters completed in 1998 is the tallest building in Akemoor (the huge white one)

-Manangari isle, Klakatoon-

Klakatoon, south of manangari, close enough to be considered a satellite city. Not the nicest of places but it is the place where things are happening fast.

In 1747 gold was found in Klakatoon. You can imagine the resulting gold rush from this can't you? Gold, just south of a port town even? That's a recipe for growth explosion right there. Anyway, Klakatoon has a colourful history stemming right from this initial discovery of gold because when people moved there in their hundreds they gold. The backlash from this against the newspaper company that printed this lie was huge, the first riot in Managari history. The building the printers were stationed in was promptly destroyed....many people left. This little outburst is what would combined with two seprate incidents leave such a huge impact on the media companies in Akemoor to not lie else face the wrath of the community. Leaving what could be described as a ghost town, people found it hard to afford a boat back to wherever they came, lot's of people went on a trek through the desert to the place where there actually was gold, Darnelle whereas some just settles down in Manangari. It was left to rot for around twenty years until 1769 when some clever people got a bright idea to revamp the town, y'know, give it a leg up. They knew that the land industry in Manangari was nil so they tackled it a different way, they invested in thousands of enios worth of manufacturing equipment. It worked, the factories were up and running and people were moving back in.
The rest of Klakatoons history isn't too interesting...up until of course the 1930's.

In the 1930's a curious thing happened, there was a great flood in the Akemoori Plains, it was a national tragedy because of several factors. 1. in the plains themselves many thousands of people died. Towns eliminated and livelihoods ruined. 2. The city of Darnelle was flooded partially, not nearly as bad as the plains but still a little. 3. Most people worked or knew/relied upon people who worked in the Akemoor plains. It was an economical disaster.
A total of 12'635 people poured into Klakatoon (more into Darnelle and Manangari) where the demand for housing suddenly increased from a stable amount that saw the town growing at a nice rate to insane. Makeshift houses were being made everywhere and everyone put in a little. What you see in these pictures is the older varieties of the makeshift housing, the ones that are not recent. The culture in these parts is a brilliant one as everyone helps one another and everyone shares what little they have. It has been like this since the 30's when they came.

-Manangari, Klakatoon, Klakatoon power station-

Built in 1957, shut down in 1989. This massive power plant that supplied the power for most of Manangari isle was essentially what sent Klakatoon into an industrial uprising. Because power had become so cheap so quickly, the industries wanted into this tax free country. They were pushing into the place so fast that residences were being pulled down to make room for them. This effect made living space a premium in Klakatoon so they began to build upwards instead of outwards like they had been doing before. Tenements, apartments and flats. Everything was looking all peachy for Klakatoon. Until....
People sick of how the industries were treating their health began to get really upset when they proposed a new Iron smelting plant not far from the majority of the apartments in 1973. When they actually started building it? Well lets just say it's what pushed the agitated people over the edge. 189.4 million enios worth of damage, 156 people dead and one orphanage robbed in a blind fit of opportunism. When you ask people who lived through it what it was like they will usually not answer you or just slap you straight out. Not kidding.

Nowadays though....

The city of Klakatoon is expanding ever so gracefully into the old farms that served the Manangari Isle so well for so long. Urban sprawl to put it blatantly.
Except unlike most other places it's a different style of sprawl, it's that of the richer people who want nicer houses and better treatment. Away from the industry and the slums.

That's it for now, Come back some other time for, have this

I picture of Darnelle for when we return and tell you it's fun little history.

-Peter maldi, Head of historical preservation and second in command to the department of education-
126 port Ave Darnelle

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5 Re: Akemoor official Updates on Sun Jan 01, 2012 5:31 am

Fantastic history and awesome pictures to go with it.

Love the style of housing using all those shipping containers.

The CBD of Manangari looks awesome too, you should put it in ... this thread ... to have it included in the carousel on the portal.

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6 Re: Akemoor official Updates on Sun Jan 01, 2012 6:55 am

Looks great, and thanks for the history lesson Smile

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7 Re: Akemoor official Updates on Sun Jan 01, 2012 12:55 pm


I liked the history and the pictures were great, I loved the last one.

8 Re: Akemoor official Updates on Sun Jan 01, 2012 8:10 pm


Member (Oxacmela & Balisca)
Member (Oxacmela & Balisca)
I loved it, this is an awesome update, the pictures the history the everything is amazing!!!

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9 Re: Akemoor official Updates on Mon Jan 02, 2012 2:42 pm

I love your update!

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10 Re: Akemoor official Updates on Sun Jan 15, 2012 2:55 am


Fox: thanks, and I have put the thing in the thing to thing the thread with the doobywhacker thing. (in other words, it is in that thread Razz )
Daniel: No problems
K50: I like that one too
Ale: Thanks D:
Numbers: I love that you love it.

Welcome back to Akemoor, we're traveling up through the riverlands to Darnelle at the moment so we'll show you some of the notable places along the way.

We started last time in Manangari (which we'll be sure to re-visit) and are now heading west to Darnelle.
Just north west of Manangari is a smallish town called Krakato which is home to some of the oldest farms and industries outside of the major cities.

-somewhere in between Krakato and Manangari, Fort Jarizzahid-

Although not Krakato, this area is worth noting for it's brutal and bloody history.

Way back in 1739 this area, in between a set of steep hills and a lake formed by the mighty Darnelle-Loxton river system was found and claimed by some explorers from far away lands (anyone want to claim?) and unfortunately for them settled on, what you see here is all that was really built during the period that they were relatively unknown by the native peoples. Although they are just under 200 years old the walls have held their ground quite well even if they were flooded more than one time.
When they were discovered by a nomadic group the group was not happy to see such a blatant disrespect to their culture just sitting over the hills. So. They went in the night and killed them all...well not all, they captured some and tortured them for days and weeks for cultural purposes and just out of the natural curiosity of not knowing just how long a person could survive with no hands in close proximity to a crocodile. (yes, they were scientists, that's what science was back then) Although in the excitement of having these people captured the tribe 'forgot' to raze the small outpost. Since then it has been lying here, waiting for just one or two people to re-discover it and it's secrets. That is until 1978 when it WAS re-discovered by some intrepid archeologists on a hunt. (History will and always has been a great interest of the Akemoori peoples) They sent investigated the flooded out walls of buildings (the roofs had since collapsed) saw that the architecture of the buildings was much MUCH different to that of most around the area then declared it a national research site...until 1985 when all that they could possibly find out from these ruins could have been found out and they then allowed peoples to come visit the area. A few people set up hasty shacks and houses in hopes of setting up a tourist location but found no-one wanted to visit the area because no one actually knew about it. When they did advertise it the only reaction they got was "Eww ruins, no thanks" and no one visited still. So...they refurbished the ruins restoring them to their original state...except they completely transformed the insides. The insides of these buildings are extravagant and luxurious despite the outside looks, this is one of only three 5 star hotels outside a major city in Akemoor now. It also has one of the lowest capacities....plans are being made to fix this slight problem....and those quick shacks you see there? they aren't that bad on the inside and they are also owned by the one family who has lived there since the days of ruins. They are planning on knocking them down and putting something less....crap.

Now back onto the main road.

-Krakato, CBD and surrounding areas-

[Image shrunk, full size here]
ahh Krakato...third most productive farming area in Akemoor. Mostly produces grain products like barley and wheat although there are some corn crops scattered around and about...oh, you noticed how oversized a lot of the crops are? well this is due to the nature of the grounds in this area, it makes certain plants grow incredibly fast...and with clever breeding techniques (yes, they did use them, I'll detail more later in the history thread) developed over thousands of years by the Akemoori peoples the incredible growth that would normally make it overgrow and strangle itself has been refined to just make it grow faster, but mature at the same rate, resulting in a much larger and more efficient crop, or in the case of the ancient times a more lush and fertile environment for when they return to the area. This area due to these properties has been tried many multiple times to be 'taken over' by foreign companies and even larger Akemoori ones but alas over the years the peoples of the area have managed to fight for their lands and keep the fertile fields for themselves. No time would demonstrate this better than the 1965 Uprising in the area, way back when there was nothing more than just a few of the older apartment blocks you see here and a populous of around 9000 the town was under threat of a takeover by a foreign farming company that was well prepared to take advantage of the lack of laws in the country. They came in with guns and trucks (not tanks) pointed directly at the peoples and the peoples left....for about a day. Came back and managed to take a few of the trucks and the guns in them and from there drove the company out of town....they then sent a truck out to Managari to tell people of this. From there the town was protected by a group of determined peoples with all the support of the Managari community and the Darnelle one. Nothing would even consider taking the town for another three months. Then another company had a crack at it and was bitterly disappointed to find a guerrilla army of sorts of around 3500 men stationed in the fields and housing. They hid here unnoticed for as long as it took for the companies trucks to roll into the main square of the town. From here it is very hard to get information as no one speaks of it but at the end of the conflict 500 Akemoori had been killed and the entire fleet of soldiers had been completely annihilated. Companies stopped trying to take the town for a good 30 years afterwards. The 30 years was enough for the community to recover fully and completely transform the town (barring the crops, they're fairly well the same) a company originating from the town came to not own, but organise the various farms for a small fee. This company, "Krakato wholesale goods" is one of the most approved of companies in Akemoor, it's headquarters is in the largest buildings you see here.

-Peter maldi, Head of historical preservation and second in command to the department of education-
126 port Ave Darnelle

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11 Re: Akemoor official Updates on Sun Jan 15, 2012 7:07 am

Very interesting info, and once again, awesome pics! Very Happy

Way back in 1739 this area, in between a set of steep hills and a lake formed by the mighty Darnelle-Loxton river system was found and claimed by some explorers from far away lands (anyone want to claim?)
I think Insulo would be a good candidate for that, as Insulo's former colonies span most of the rest of the continent Wink

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12 Re: Akemoor official Updates on Sun Jan 15, 2012 2:30 pm


You sure marsh didn't make the first picture and give it to you? Razz

The giant city picture was great too, looks like you put a lot of time into it.

13 Re: Akemoor official Updates on Sun Jan 15, 2012 2:47 pm


Member (Oxacmela & Balisca)
Member (Oxacmela & Balisca)
I love the History! The Pictures! Everything is so ugly in a beautiful way, you are amazing I love it!!!!

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14 Re: Akemoor official Updates on Mon Jan 16, 2012 1:50 am

Cool update.. love the huge mosaic and the history.

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15 Re: Akemoor official Updates on Thu Jan 19, 2012 6:37 am


That last pic is striking! REALLY good update! Very Happy

16 Re: Akemoor official Updates on Tue Jan 24, 2012 10:46 am

REPLIES! (oh yes replies)

Daniel: I'll take 2bsgisfiougvidz (ridiculous name guy) up on that. And thanks!
K50: O:< I didn't photoshop! I am not smarshy! lol, anyway, I could never get as good as marsh. And the giant one took more time to stitch together than it did to actually build Razz
Ale: Ugly is the best beautiful! Surprised and thanks
fox: no, thank you for commenting
Huston: Now there's an adjective I haven't heard in a while D: thanks!

and now for le thingdate with the stuff and the things.

Back on the road to Darnelle....we pass through the Angaraka Forestlands past the mountains in the area carved up by the mighty river system and the rains that seem to congregate on the area every year.
The Angaraka area is actually an island created by the diverging and merging river systems in the area and as a curious fault line in the area that raised these mountains all those many thousands of years ago.

(sorry for the ultimate lack of rendering...I truly am, but the map is huge)
This picture of the isle shows just the isle and a 'sister' island that is related to the fact it's only separated because the river cut that peninsula off and left the island in it's wake. All other lands have been removed from this picture.

Now...we are coming from the north portion of the island and are snaking our way across a road in the western portion of the Island. all the way to....

ANGARAKA the town itself! FINALLY!

One thing worth noting about Angaraka is that it is THE single richest town in Akemoor. Seriously, most people that live here are either multi millionaires that want thier business headquarters somewhere without tax...or they are retired billionaires. The town has a grand whopping total of 40 people below the age of 18 in it out of a 9000 population, it has the highest literacy rate in Akemoor let alone the world at only 1 person having troubles reading...due to dementia, the man is 98...what did you expect? The average age is approximately 58. The tourism industry is booming at the moment as is the agricultural industry....much to the displeasure of the tourism industry that thrives off the thick and expansive eucalyptus forests in the area, the climate is positively wonderful and to top it all off the healthcare is free...

but it wasn't always like this you see. The Island has a dark history.

Back in the days of ancient times, the island was renowned for the people who lived on it...and their talents as weapon makers. They could make a decent spear or axe out of just about anything that was given to them! Which was more often than not precious stones...namely opal and Thunder rocks. Opal, was terrible, it was a decorative and ceremonial piece only. It did make some decent handle grips however. Thunder rocks on the other hand were brutal...perhaps a little explaining of thunder rocks would help eh? Well...they are a strange occurrence that is exclusive to the area, a string of semi active volcanoes in the west creates both diamond and amethyst simultaneously alloying the two, after cooling off for a while they gradually get carried to the north east by several factors, the wind goes eastward here, the fault line shifts the stones northward and eventually they would hit the river systems and just be carried for miles downstream...over years of course. The physical appearance of the stones is quite startling as it looks as if to have streaks of white throughout the rock when held to a bright light. Or 'thunder' as the peoples interpreted it as. It is incredibly strong and can be made quite sharp. It is not brittle with some minor tampering and was at the time the perfect mix of beautiful and deadly the peoples wanted.
These Weapons were not cheap however. They came at a very steep price, usually human sacrifice demanded by the Angaraka peoples, usually in the form of the peoples women and their food. Often the Islanders would take the payment and kill the people who paid for it with said weapons. It was a lucrative trade that would serve the islanders well up until the rivers burst their banks some time in 120BC and a predicted over three quarters of the population in the riverlands themselves perished. It was a terrible flood that only happens once in a millennium. The peoples were more now wanting to recover than to 'have pretty weapons' it was now that the Angaraka people decided to 'invade' the others....they did well, they managed to conquer a large portion of land in their weakened state. This is the first known recording of a definite Akemoori Empire with borders. Albeit not a city building one. But word spread to the 'royal lands' and a massive assault on the island was ordered. They were annihilated. The 'royal' force bent them over on it's knee and gave them a good spanking figuratively speaking. The island was then reclaimed by the peoples and they lived happily in the normal Akemoori fashion for centuries afterwards.

until of course

Explorers came from all over the place to have their way with the lands...most unsuccessful as previously mentioned but on this particular run, they weren't.
In fact they very well eliminated the entire island within a week. It was gruesome. And how they disposed of the remains, dumping them in the river just to let them float away, was practically their undoing...because not too long after this they simply 'vanished' from the island.
And this time no one went back there.
No one.
Up until of course an intrepid millionaire from the 1820's found it. He loved it's mountains and it's forests, he loved it so much he went back to Manangari and proposed a new town be settled there. He had drawing of the area and all sorts of other neat things to share, he even had some artifacts from the region. Other rich folks saw this and decided "oh! what a nice place!" and quickly made their way to the island. No one speaks of how the man only told his friends of the place and that he never told the public because well...that's in the past...isn't it?
Yes it is.
They settled there and found the area nice and cosy for a while right up until the poorer of the people found out about it and came in there hundreds....

How is it so poverty free today?

Well. That's because it separated itself from the main country. (for the second time in history) and became it's own free country. They outlawed the people pouring in through the river...

What comes next is slightly gruesome. They begin to kill everyone coming into their land. Mostly just picking them off before they reach the shore with their sophisticated guns and their explosives but those who did make it, oh no, they got it better. If they were men they would have been used as slaves and worked till they literally died of either starvation or exhaustion, if they were women they would have been bartered for by the many many rich men on the island and well...y'know. Most of these rich men weren't married....
in total it is estimated that 26000 people died during this period.
When word spread to Managari, they were not pleased in the slightest. They sent a specialist team of, to the island. Now you may be thinking "wut, farmers? 4 realz?" but bear with me here, they knew things about the island and the forests that the rich men had only just begun to understand. They had fire on their side....They waited for a hot, dry, windy day and made their way onto the island under the cover of being MORE rich people which the Islanders where fine with apparently. Instead of joining up with them...they lit the forest. Oh boy did they light it. it did SO much damage that no one was killed....yeah, it failed. But under this clever fire ruse they did manage to kill their leader. Without the charismatic and powerful man in charge the country fell apart, the people still lived there but the country...of god the country...was now non-existent. It had become part of Akemoor once again. Although from this period a curious thing one came to the island ever again, apart from rich as hell people from all over the world. They were put off by the whole "killed a few thousand people for kicks and giggles" bit.

Ok, Now to get off this wretched island eh?


OBJECTION! screams mother nature, looks as if we are going to have to head back as the road is going to be a little..silly as you can see. We can however head back to Managari and check out some of the coastal towns south of there...

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17 Re: Akemoor official Updates on Tue Jan 24, 2012 11:25 am

Very Nice Island Razz Where is it in Akemoor? Razz

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18 Re: Akemoor official Updates on Tue Jan 24, 2012 3:20 pm


Member (Paradise)
Member (Paradise)
Awesome update. So much for leaving though D:

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19 Re: Akemoor official Updates on Tue Jan 24, 2012 5:04 pm

Cool pics (especially like the firey one and the first pic Very Happy), and interesting history D:

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20 Re: Akemoor official Updates on Tue Jan 24, 2012 6:37 pm


Member (Ami Confederation)
A lot of detail! Me likey!

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21 Re: Akemoor official Updates on Wed Jan 25, 2012 1:03 am

Get history .. sounds epic! Floods, killings, genocide!!

Love the fire picture, and love the use of the farms.

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22 Re: Akemoor official Updates on Wed Feb 22, 2012 9:19 am


Great job! Amazing update. I love the history.

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23 Re: Akemoor official Updates on Tue Mar 06, 2012 6:01 am

REPRISE! (replies)

carl: oh you, ya'll should know the map is here
kj: yeah D: to think I was gonna show you'ze Melany...pah, doesn't matter now
dan: you like the fiery one eh? my first shot at GIMP'ing something properly Razz
Qorten: You like details? I have details, details are what I if only I could make in depth pictures Razz
fox: history GET! Aren't these things just the greatest....oh, and the farms kinda look too boxxy too me :\ hmm...I dunno
Chip: Thanks Very Happy I like the history also

Well now we're out of that predicament, let's go see if we can't get to darnelle the old way eh?

So, we hit the road, the dirt round here is a little bit more orange than the rest of the river system, reminiscent of places north of Hermogryh on the lake. This is irrelevant however. What is really interesting about this place is the environment. This is one of the most biologically diverse places in Akemoor. Home at least 1200 different kinds of waterbirds and double that in fish, this area has remained mysterious in that it we just don't know why. Sure we have our hypotheses and theories but at the end of the day we just can't be sure.

The government of Akemoor made it's first statement to protect this abundant area from the reaches of people by making it a national park, where it would be safe from all the nasty industries and farms that threaten to end it. The people have supported this movement for much of the time it has been in effect, currently only 12 people live permanently in the area, they are all scattered peoples as they research the wildlife here and protect it from harm. That being said the area is incredibly prone to...well...fires as given away by the name of the place.

You see, once upon a time this area wasn't the national park it is today, once upon a time it was the next biggest thing in fishing and farming. These were the 1880's. Then a bushfire broke out, it wasn't exactly a fierce or intense fire it was just well timed and well placed, it struck almost immediately after a fleet of 300 or so workers had just arrived, they were confronted by what an artist rendered as this.

Not exactly on par with the biggest and baddest of the bush fires that have been recorded in history but just enough to scare everyone away for as long as it took to declare the place a national park.

In more recent years fires have struck also.
This picture taken in 1998

A literal wall of smoke and flame just at the border of where the park ends and the farms start.

Moving on.
Let's go up the road a little more eh?

And just WHAT is this!?!

This is wrong...this shouldn't be here...what is going on he-

What in blazes....
Suppose this is the gas playing a trick on us eh? The gas that the algae in the river here emits, it mixes with the natural evaporation of the river and forms a thick and groggy cloud on the land, although you can't really see it during the day (apart from the odd...oddity) At night....

It takes any and all light it receives and reflects it and amplifies it in all directions resulting in a magnificent light display on clear nights with sufficient moonlight.

That's all for now, hope you enjoyed it.

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24 Re: Akemoor official Updates on Tue Mar 06, 2012 6:56 am


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25 Re: Akemoor official Updates on Tue Mar 06, 2012 9:33 am

Hmmm ... secret Government locations??

Hey... what are you doing? Get away from me .. arrgghh

Love the beautiful nature pictures.. looks very familiar.. very Australian, you have a knack of making natural pictures looks realistic.

Look forward to finding out more information and history.

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