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Official Invitation to the Wedding of King-Emperor Charles I of Grand, Belluterra, & Malo and Miss Jóhanna Guðrúnsdóttir of Gamat

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If you don't get an invitation PM in the next 48 hours, post below to indicate that you wish to attend (and who is attending - this includes bodyguards), and you will be added to the list of guests. Smile The same goes for anyone from your country that is not invited in the invitation notice that you want to have attend the wedding, like, for example, the CEO of Raelion Cae.

PS: When you get your PM, post below to indicate that you have received it and have either declined or accepted the invitation.

List of Guests:

Grand, Belluterra, and Malo:
Queen Amanthis II
-Prince Michael (son)
May, Princess Royal
-Prince Devin (son)
Luke, Prince Imperial
Princess Frances
Prince William
Princess Amanthis
Princess Mary
Princess Anna
Alex Fisher, President of Belluterra
Andrew Frederickson, Prime Minister of Malo
-Sarah Frederickson (wife)
Viceroy of Malo, Lord Ibrahim Aziz Antar

Guðrún Arnarssón (father of the bride)
Anna Jónssón (mother of the bride)
President Þor Ragnar Jónssón
Prime Minister Fjodrid Hadradóttir
Ambassador Arnar Sigurðarssón

Emperor Jutsu of Troix
Empress Miyako of Mitoyagi

15 bodyguards

New Chandler:
President Roberto Patts
-Unknown number of family members
Vice President Jeanette Wallace
-Unknown number of family members

20 RISTAT Guards

Prime Minister David Falfurger

New Friscia:
Governor Béatrice Carré
Prime Minister Madeleine Desaulniers

President Johnson
-Virginia Galloway (mother)
Vice President Jack Richardson
-His wife

President Susan Derrawa
-Her husband
Minister of Foreign Affairs Thomas Bentarra
-His wife
2 official aides

9 Government Security Agents

Greater Morsco:
President Theoniconos Trapesus
-Unknown number of family members
Prime Minister Harris Trambialos
-Unknown number of family members

24 bodyguards

Prince Yngvin Pettyfer
3 aides
1 personal guest

8 Royal Guards

Master Chip Endsdale
-One bodyguard family member
Gemat Jijillia

1 bodyguard

Tsar Stanislav VIII
Tsaritsa Elena Romanovich

10 agents

Queen Monica I
Prince Jorge II
Princess Lucia
Princess Amanda
Prince Andres
Ambassador Jaime Muñez Gracia
International Assembly Member Alejandro Zapata

President Jan Gasparovic

6 bodyguards

Chancellor Adolf Dässler

Her Majesty, Queen Sofia Auro Colette IV
First Minister Étienne Barthélemy

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The Emperor of Troix, Jutsu and his wife, Empress Miyako of Mitoyagi is willing to attend the wedding, along with 15 bodyguards

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The Government of New Chandler has received the invitation, and President Roberto Patts, Vice President Jeanette Wallace, and their families will attend the wedding. They will be staying at the New Chandler Embassy to Grand and Belluterra and accompanied by 20 RISTAT guards.

His Imperial & Royal Majesty thanks all of you for planning to attend, and grants permission for the wedding to be broadcast on Loftindorian national TV.

-Ben Telkir, Deputy Minister of Royal Affairs

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Governor Béatrice Carré and Prime Minister Madeleine Desaulniers of the Federation of New Friscia accept the invitation received and will be attending the wedding.

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Member (Paradise)
Member (Paradise)
President Johnson has received the invitation, accepts, and plans to attend with his mother Virginia Galloway, Vice President Jack Richardson and his wife.

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Member (Ami Confederation)
The Government of the Dantanaean Confederation extends it's greetings and congratulations to the King-Emperor and Miss Johanna.

The Government would like to send an official delegation consisting of:

President and Minister of Justice Susan Derrawa and her husband
Minister of Foreign Affairs Thomas Bentarra and his wife
2 official aides
9 Government Security Agents

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President and Prime Minister of Greater Morsco accept the invitation and will attend the wedding along with their families, and 24 bodyguards.

Prince Yngvin Pettyfer, Heir to the throne of Ordanus, will attend on behalf of the Ordanian Royal Family. He'll be accompanied by an attaché of 8 Royal guards and a total of 3 aides as well as a personal guest. They will be staying at the Ordanian Embassy in Francistown during their stay. Two bullet proof limousines will be flown in to be used in their transport.

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Master Chip Endale, head of the foreign office, will attend on the behalf of the governmental institute of Akemoor, he will be accompanied by one bodyguard and one of his family who just happens to be a bodyguard.

The head of the governmental institute of Akemoor could not make it due to family issues. we apologise if this has been of inconvenience to any peoples.


Gemat Jijillia, long time Gemat (higher up Priest) for the Narmeni Circle (church) has served long and hard for us for over thirty years, we have decided to reward his devotion with the opportunity to appear on behalf of the Narmeni Circle. Let it be known that he requires no protection and is confident that things will go smoothly.

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Member (Malinova)
Member (Malinova)
Tsar Stanislav and his wife accept this invitation!

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Member (Oxacmela & Balisca)
Member (Oxacmela & Balisca)
Her Majesty the Queen Monica I and the Royal Family will assist to the wedding and as well the Ambassador for Grand Jaime Muñez Gracia and the Ambassador to the USNW Alejandro Zapata will be assisting.

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Updated, thanks for attending everyone Smile

The following nations have still not replied to their invitations:

San Jose

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Rheinland hat Ihre Einladung zur Hochzeit erhalten. Reichskanzler Adolf Dassler in der Lage, daran teilzunehmen. Allerdings wird er der einzige Gast zu sein. Vielen Dank für die Einladung

Rheinland has received your invitation to the wedding. Chancellor Adolf Dässler will be able to attend. However he will be the only guest. Thank you for the invitation


Sa Majesté, la Reine Sofia Auro Colette IV et Premier ministre Étienne-Barthélemy, ainsi que leurs familles immédiates seront présents au mariage, nous aimerions demander des gardes pour eux une fois qu'ils atteignent Grand.

- Bureau des affaires étrangères

Her Majesty, Queen Sofia Auro Colette IV and First Minister Étienne Barthélemy along with their immediate families will be attending the wedding, we'd like to request guards for them once they reach Grand.

- Foreign Affairs Office

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Admin (Shayden)
Admin (Shayden)
Prime Minister Ronald Smith and his wife will be attending, with 10 body guards.

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Added Smile Btw, if anyone has any NPCs they wish to have attend in addition to their nation, please tell me here over Skype, so I can add them as well Smile

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Member (GSK)
Why is Calma on the list? Razz It's no longer a member, and barely still on my hard drive Razz

P.S. Nate, like your avatar Wink

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Will wrote:Why is Calma on the list? Razz It's no longer a member, and barely still on my hard drive Razz
Because Calma Domhain is now an NPC (one that was signed up to attend), and is a Kingdom with the Queen of Posillipo for its monarch (similar to the Canada-United Kingdom relationship, with Calma Domhain as Canada, and Posillipo as the United Kingdom) Wink

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Grand Aescail will like to thank you for the invitation and would like to say that 3 members of the Aescailian Royal Family;Queen Lisbon, Prince John and his partner, escorted by 10 Aescailian Royal Army Soldiers as bodyguards will be attending. Also Jóhanna's close friend and fellow musician, O.B.E Sir Paul Ely, with 1 personal bodyguard.

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