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USNW Picture Contest

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1 USNW Picture Contest on Sun Oct 09, 2011 9:02 pm



How to play

Welcome to our image competition!

    How to play
  • All images must be Sim City 4 or CitiesXL
  • Images may be Photoshopped, but do not over Photoshop.
  • Images may be over 800 pixels, but post the image under 800px and then link to the larger version. See guide below.
  • The first image to get 7 votes is the winner.
  • Vote by using the template below.
  • Only challenge after a winner has been selected.
  • Post a challenge like this: your image (line break) vs. (line break) other image.
  • After 4 wins an image moves to the hall of fame.

Re-sized image code.:
<a href="link here"><img width="800" height="auto" src="link here" /></a>

Will appear like this

Voting Template:

I vote for John Smith.
1 - 0
In John's favor.
Challenge Template:

I'll Challenge John Smith


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