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The Road to New Chandler: Simlympic Torch Relay, Day 4

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The Grandian leg of the relay has commenced, as the MS Princess of Adonia, one of the most luxurious ocean liners in the world, prepares to dock in Francistown, bearing the Simlympic Torch which will light the Simlympic Cauldron in only 5 days from now.

The relay leg has begun in earnest now, and tens of thousands of people from all over the nation have flocked to Western Avenue to see the torch, currently being carried by Samuel Jankonne, a local resident.

A few kilometers and torchbearers later, the torch passes the Victory Column after transiting the central hall of the Imperial Senate. The Consul of the Senate, Kirk Jackson, is the torchbearer for this leg.

As we turn onto Tempel Road, running alongside the north branch of the Garble River, the torchbearer for the previous leg, Grandian rock icon Paulo Miguel, of the band Paulo and the Kinsmen, hands over the torch to His Imperial & Royal Highness Luke, Prince Imperial, the brother of the King-Emperor and next in line to the throne, who, at the age of 16, is the youngest person to participate in a Simlympic torch relay.

Soon, the city of Francistown is left far behind as Prince Luke makes his way towards Francistown International Airport.

There, he is allowed to pass through a special gate usually open only for security forces, and hands over the torch to Mark Johnson, who will take care of the torch on its flight to Ainkien, which is the next stop.

Khot hap ee ko!

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Looks good and sounds good.

What an exciting time in your Nation to see such an event.

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Agree with Fox.

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