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18th ISC Session - Francistown

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1 18th ISC Session - Francistown on Mon Sep 05, 2011 12:38 pm

Yesterday, the plane carrying the members of the International Simlympic Committee landed at Francistown International Airport for the 18th ISC Session. Here you can see the airplane on its final approach.

Outside, a convoy of specially-chartered taxis was waiting for them.

After a brief tour of the city, they went to the various hotels that were to accommodate them, just as the sun began to set beyond the hills in the distance.

The next day, President Slacker and the other ISC member who was staying in the Wave Hotel took one of the hotel's pivate limousines, and due to the fact that the Wave was the closest of the hotels to the venue...

...they arrived before anyone else.

After the other ISC members arrived a few minutes later, they all began to ascend the steps of the Imperial Senate, which had been chosen as the venue for the announcement, while the live TV cameras started rolling.

Many of the TV crews were from FrancisTV, the Imperial Sports Channel, or some other such broadcaster.

The President of the International Simlympic Committee has now arrived to the stage! A standing applause, everyone, for the one and only... Slacker!!!

We will now listen to his speech:
First of all, thank you to Francistown and the whole of Grand & Belluterra for hosting this, the 18th ISC Session. We have thoroughly enjoyed our time here and will no doubt be back on vacation someday!

The ISC have evaluated the bids presented to us, and we are constantly amazed with the quality of the bids, and congratulate all of the bidders for the Fifteenth Simlympiad, who truly are the life blood of the Simlympics. We know how much work is put into bidding and appreciate the effort. We hope you gained from the experience and enjoyed bidding, even though there can only be one winner from many great bids.

When each bid is of such a high quality it makes the task of deciding a host very difficult for us. However, we have reached our decision, and it is my everlasting pleasure in announcing that the Games of the Fifteenth Simlympiad will be held in the city of....


Congratulations! We all look forward to an incredible Simlympics, hosted by an incredible city!

I'd also like to take this opportunity to recognise the unsuccessful bidders. I can only imagine how hard it must be to come this close to hosting the games, but please don't be too downhearted - we encourage you to work to improve your cities and to bid again in the future.

Once again, congratulations to all and to all a good night!

Cheers broke out from all over the conference hall after this announcement.

Soon after, some of them went to the marina to enjoy sailing through the beautiful blue waters of the Sushili Sea.

They also attended a live concert at Andrews Square by the famous Grandian rock band Paulo & the Kinsmen.

Finally, they were driven back to their hotels, after a long, eventful day in Francistown, a paradise of wonder.

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2 Re: 18th ISC Session - Francistown on Mon Sep 05, 2011 12:42 pm

Congrats K50!

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3 Re: 18th ISC Session - Francistown on Mon Sep 05, 2011 2:20 pm


Great ISC Session! and congrats to my fellow friend k50! can't wait for the games

4 Re: 18th ISC Session - Francistown on Mon Sep 05, 2011 5:12 pm


Member (Ami Confederation)
Wonderfull ISC session! Great tour of the city.

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5 Re: 18th ISC Session - Francistown on Mon Sep 05, 2011 8:51 pm


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Member (Oxacmela & Balisca)

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