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Birthdays in the Royal Family

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1 Birthdays in the Royal Family on Sat Jun 04, 2011 10:52 am

03 January: Prince Imperial Luke Petersroy (upcoming birthday: 16th)
31 January: Princess Frances Petersroy (upcoming birthday: 15th)
28 February: Prince William Petersroy (upcoming birthday: 13th)
24 April: King-Emperor Charles I (upcoming birthday: 19th)
19 May: Princess Royal May Petersroy-Miller (upcoming birthday: 20th)
16 June: Princess Amanthis Petersroy (upcoming birthday: 10th)
08 July:Senior Grand Princess Amanthis II (upcoming birthday: 38th)
20 August: Princess Mary Petersroy, Princess Anna Petersroy (upcoming birthday: 8th)
16 September:Senior Grand Princess Christine (upcoming birthday: 80th)
24 December: Prince Michael Petersroy (upcoming birthday: 1st)

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