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Seeing as out of the 70 million Praeians, 1/15th live in one city, and many more in the outlying suburbs and exurbs, I thought it fitting that I make a separate thread for the city of Hampton. This is now my 3rd (possibly 4th) version of Hampton, and Possibly my last, although I do have a love of doing Capital Cities.

Hampton Update Central XMkPbLL
We start today at Parliament Square Station, the main Hampton Terminus of the Queens Royal Rail Service. It is located right across from the Parliament building in the Borough of Bishop's Palace

Hampton Update Central 7En45KN
The Royal Library of the Commons is the national Library, built, and the collection assembled by order of King John V in 1876, and added on by the royal staff ever since.

Hampton Update Central JqfJB9k
Parliament Building

Hampton Update Central Piooacz
Royal Palace and Gardens, home of the Royal Family and the home of King Leon II.

Hampton Update Central WYU5S2l
King Henry III Statue is located appx. 1/4 mile west of the Palace. It was built in 1901 as a tribute to King Henry III (1720-1744)

Hampton Update Central DpSV39S
St. Aaron's Square is located across the River Gorm from the Palace and Parliament Buildings. It is bordered by the Royal Hotel Gorm and St Samuel's Cathedral

Hampton Update Central SncgWPO
St. Samuel's Cathedral

Hampton Update Central WSHVC16
Magpie Wharf is the name given to the CBD of Hampton. It is located East of Bishop's Palace and is bordered to the south by the Borough of Easton, separated by Magpie Lake and the River Gorm. Along the river is Shipmaker Yard, home stadium of Easton F.C.

Hampton Update Central P3lsbUP
The FF Unified Youth Training Ground is a united initiative from the Football Federation to house and train Youth Players. It offers a clean healthy alternative to turn the youths into prosperous adults, on and off the pitch.

Hampton Update Central FgGRWAJ
The Royal National Bank and Reserve Center is located in the Borough of Halifax, and is major banking center of Praeia. It houses most of the Federal assets o the GSK. It is also among the most secure buildings in the world.

Hampton Update Central 8HguGZU
Queens Park is home to Queens Palace F.C. It was first opened in 1920 and has been expanded numerous times since. Capacity is now 60,338.

Hampton Update Central G0btAvO
Christchurch Arch was built in 1952 as a memorial to the lives lost across the world in the Great Adonian War, along with the fact that GSK was on the winning side of the war.

Hampton Update Central 4K0SMhd
Oxygen Garden is the main indoor complex for sporting and events in Hampton. It often plays host to concerts and has played host to the Praeian Hockey Final, Praeian Basketball League Final, PTP Finals and the Hampton Lions Futsal Club of the WFS Futsal Premiership.

Hampton Update Central 9L76mvi
PBC Television Center, where PBC 1, PBC 2, PBC 3, PBC Sports, PBC Radio Channels 1-5, and PBC News are broadcast from. Virtually any Praeian PBC Broadcast originates from this building.

Hampton Update Central LnCEQpt
Royal University of Hampton. Established in 1683, it is one of the most highly rated universities in the world.

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2Hampton Update Central Empty Re: Hampton Update Central on Sun Aug 10, 2014 2:33 am

Ohhhh very pretty!! Love the canals and roundabouts

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Admin (Shayden)
Looks great! Smile

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