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FOLLAND | Carksson

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1 FOLLAND | Carksson on Fri Jun 13, 2014 6:54 am

Scotch Moen

Member (Folland)
Member (Folland)
Overview of Downtown Carksson. The Downtown Peninsula is 65% reclaimed land while Old Town rests on the other side of the bay.

Downtown Carksson.

Downtown Carksson at night.

Carksson is a major metropolitan area northwest of the capital of Hinali, sitting on the very edge of a peninsula just south of Mitron. It's a highly commercialized urban center with multiple Triple A services and recreational businesses. Carksson is also a major Cruise Liner port for Folland.

The Lynais Concert Hall is located within the New Lynais Convention Center, and is the main attraction in Carksson for Musical and Cultural performances.

The Concert Hall Seating

The Concert Hall Stage

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