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Member (Kuyrut)
Member (Kuyrut)
To post a disputed claim, please read the rules before continuing.

Please title your disputes:
[Dispute Number]  | [Informative Title]

(remove brackets)

The first post in the dispute thread must contain:

Name of Claim: (claim being disputed)
Reasons Type: (One of the four reasons types mentioned in the rules)
Reason: (Descriptive reason why this claim needs to be disputed, please provide evidence)

If done incorrectly the thread will be deleted



Dispute #1  | Realism of Logo Industries in Momnoko

(in thread)
Name of Claim: Logo Industries (Uba Industries in Adonia)
Reasons Type: Realism of the Claim
Reason: Uba Industries as described in the company profile is seen as a multinational company with huge profits, although Momnoko is a poor country with no resources.


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