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USong 2013 Bid - Stark City, Mitron

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1 USong 2013 Bid - Stark City, Mitron on Sat Nov 09, 2013 2:02 pm


Member (Mitron)
Member (Mitron)
The contestants will be performing at one of two spots, Williamson Stadium & the Crest Center. The finals will be at Williamson Center, capacity 60,000, 6 times the capacity of the Crest Center.

The Crest Center, capacity 10,000.

Williamson Stadium, capacity 60,000.

The two bottom left buildings are hotels, and there's a variety of entertainment options around the city, including the marina. The subway also runs through the city providing easy mass transit, and el rail & GLR in the outer city.

I know this is a minute late, but until 12:42 I was not aware the deadline was noon. I thought I had all day. I realize this application sucks.

Edit: I made an error in the title.

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