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Gilgamesh Strait Bridge

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Member (Kuyrut)
Gilgamesh Strait Bridge

Gilgamesh Strait Bridge Gilgamesh_strait_bridge_logo

Gilgamesh Strait Bridge Article-2009748-0CCC818F00000578-642_964x604

The Gilgamesh Strait bridge is a bridge connecting the nations of Sameshira and Relastova. The bridge is one of the largest freight traffic bridges in the world, transporting large amounts of freight between South and North Althena by truck. The bridge also contains an elevated oil pipeline that delivers Kabier Oil to the south.

Due to the bridge being an international crossing the bridge has a security checkpoint on each side of the bridge for traffic that is departing the bridge.

There are toll booths on entering the bridge, making security and tolls on two different areas.

Current tolls (In USD) :

-- General Toll Zone --
Motorcycles : $2.50
Small Cars (Compacts, Sedans) : $5.00
Medium Cars (Minivans, small SUVs)  : $7.60
Large Cars (SUVs) : $10.50
Trucks 2-axel : $16.50

-- Bus Toll Zone --
Buses (Sameshira/Relastova Registered) : $11.50
Buses (Other Registered) : $16.50

-- Truck Zone --
Trucks 3-axel : $20.00
Trucks 4-axel : $25.00
Trucks 5 to 7-axel : $30.00
Trucks 8 to 10-axel : $40.00

-- Special Toll Zone --
The Special toll zone is located at the farthest right of the toll area and requires the vehicle to be guided by toll authority to an appropriate location for identification and tolling. Special Vehicles that do not provide correct documentation will be charged $120 service fee along with a denial of entry.

Once a special vehicle has been clear it may proceed onto the bridge, but will be escorted by a international police escort. If one is not already in the special party, the vehicle will be charged a $500 service fee and will be allowed to cross.

Wide load Vehicles - $100.60
Large Axel Vehicles - $60.00
Heavy Load Vehicles - $50.00 per 500 Gross Tons
Escort Vehicles - $10.00

-- Pre-clearance zone --
The pre-clearance zone is located in the special toll zone and requires the vehicle to pass under an underpass with a height of 25m. If the vehicle cannot fit under the underpass the vehicle may be checked in the special toll zone, but will be charged $250.

Pre-clearance vehicles are vehicles that need clearance before crossing the bridge and then will be checked again after entering the other country.

Hazardous Chemical Vehicles (Sameshira/Relastova Registered) - $35.00
Hazardous Chemical Vehicles (Other Registered) - $75.00
Weapon Freight Vehicles (Sameshira/Relastova Registered) - $30.00
Weapon Freight Vehicles (Other Registered) - Denied Entry
Currency/Money Transit Vehicle (Sameshira/Relastova Registered) - $26.00
Currency/Money Transit Vehicle (Other Registered) - $105.85
Hard Chemical Construction Vehicles - $5.00 + Axel charge.

-- Annual/Monthly Passes --
Annual and Monthly passes are cheaper alternatives to normal tolling, scanning/showing the pass allows the user to pass without hassle of payment.

General Toll (Annual) - $2,950.00
General Toll (Monthly) - $250.00

Truck Zone (Annual) - $12,960.00
Truck Zone (Monthly) - $1,120.00

Special Toll Zone (Monthly) - $3,000.00

Charter Bus Pass (Biannual) - $1,380.00


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Gilgamesh Strait Bridge Gilgamesh_strait_bridge_logo

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That is really cool! Razz

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I like the logo, very sexy Razz

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