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Goggle Poetry Publishing House

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1 Goggle Poetry Publishing House on Thu Aug 02, 2012 4:50 pm

Daniel Emperor
Kenneth Johnson
Kurt Smith

Nursery Rhymes

Dying Progenitor Hubbard - by Daniel Emperor:
Old Mother Hubbard
In the cabinet,
Dogbone to the poor;
When he returned,
Council of Ministers is empty
The disease is not painful.

Go into the furnace
To buy bread;
When he recovered,
The beagle was!

He went to the organizers
Buy your coffin;
On their return
A dog with a laugh.

This is the kitchen
personal injury;
when he came,
Was on hand a smoking from a pipe.

This is a calculation
As in beer;
When he returned,
Dog sat in the chair.

He went to the hostel
In white wine and was hanged;
the return
The dogs were missing their heads.

It should result in
To reach the fruit;
when he returned,
We executed a flute.

This is the dressmaker
And I acquired the vest;
when she returned
Assembled from a son.

He went to the cow dung
She acquired a baseball cap;
when he came,
In addition to your diet.

Have received from imperdiet
The management of your cover crop
On their return will
He was content with banners.

She went to Mr. Zapatero
Acquisition shoes;
her back
Please read the comprehensive report.

Out for burs
So I bought her dress;
when it comes into
The Son who was the same dog.

It was the unique nature
Buy a shoe that water;
when she returned
He wore her clothes.

The woman bent down and
The dog was resting;
And she has said, Your servants are
The hammer said, bow with your complete profile.

This is a great blank
Greatly blessed Notre Dame de Hubbard
You can read, was to shed too brief to the dance
She sang, we can write
And you ate Rican
Therefore, when the set.
The grave erected in the horizontal position
She died.

Maria is Screwed - by Daniel Emperor:
Mary is in inch holes in the sand grabbing the hair of virgins' wax and partly cloudy in succession, beginning with the position of the bonds to the trust company of Mary and running.

And after a couple of cheaps, the day has come and the game is the best thing to do from the fact that werewolf meat is against the rules and dice the hospital of the truth.

Masterpiece in the foreign exchange market, but as he does go into the hem of your dress wait patiently on the Queen Mary to implement.

"What are the lovers and the sheep of the queen, Marie's mother?" I cry, baby. "Because the armaments guard Mary Lamb," They are aware of. "Please read this a response was."

The Small Spider Itching - by Kurt Smith:
Itsy bitsy spider climbed up the water column.
Under the rain and washed the spider.
The sun came out, dry the rain
And the mouth of the itsy bitsy spider rise again.

Short Poems

Distortion - by Kenneth Johnson:
It was a hot day. Greet the day. I went this morning. But I found a reputable underwear again. Auditors comforted me. That's right, how did you dream? However, I do not wear pants. I was lying in bed. However, I will do. I head, I saw a dream, and sleep pants to class, I realized this book. Well, that happens around a long day of rain.

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Member (Paradise)
Member (Paradise)
We can take requests if anyone has any suggestions.

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LOL Poetry Publishing House Razz

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Member (Paradise)
Member (Paradise)
Also keep in mind this is from the people who brought you D: Co. and its affiliate O: co. So you know it's quality Razz

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Scotch Moen

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Member (Folland)
My mind just went kaput reading one. Helluva nursery rhyme.

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Updated with another nursery rhyme.

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