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1 AGC Announcement on Sat Jul 28, 2012 7:05 am

Adonian Games Committee Announcement

Representatives of USNW Countries. I speak today to offer my sincere apologies on the handling of the Adonian Games.

Since the Opening Ceremony in Okashi, Okaiken. No work has been done on the actual sporting days. I accept blame of the handling as I neglected to mention & share the results of the PAS between me and Carl.

That is why I am taking the necessary procedure to expand the Adonian games Committee with me as head because of the Ministerial role and Carl as the earliest joining member over secret talks of actually starting it up.

The AGC will not only help set up the games but also make sure this forgetful neglect fails to occur again as their is safety in numbers. The saying following this sentence really sums up why I'm finally making the AGC and the objective that I want to achieve with it.

"A wise man learns alone, what a fool leans alone. A wise man becomes wise, when others with him become wise."

If you want an application to the AGC, PM me or say so below or PM Carl, and we will check your event hosting history to see if your viable to hosting it.


On the subject of the Adonian Games, may I remind you that there is still the Summer X-Games and the normal Winter Games to come and both can be bidded on. For more information, don't be afraid to PM me or if set up at the time, any member of the AGC.


Another Subject is PAS itself, I am aware only a few countries submitted an entry and there are only a few NPC submitted by volunteers. I plead that while we sort out the problems or at least till next games, you please fill out your PAS and also the PAS of NPC if you can.

Thank you for taking your time out to read all this. Further announcements will come.

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