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USong and ABT Contest Announcement

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1 USong and ABT Contest Announcement on Thu Jul 12, 2012 3:04 pm

Announcement about USong Song Contect and Adonia's Best Talent Contest

Good Afternoon representatives of countries around USNW and the people watching elsewhere. I have called this announcement about 2 of the cultural events held in USNW and how I have made changes to the schedule of these events.

As you all know the last USong hosted in Dantanaea signalled the rocky start to the series as it was dragged on for a reason unknown and I personally have a bad opinion about how voting was done in it. But mostly it was that after the event, it was a full year until the next one scheduled this summer, THAT IS until the following countries left or could not be hosting this year in that time;

Ruteria, New Chandler, Escambia, Lisieux and Grand, Belluterra, and Malo.

Grand is added as I have talked to Dan of hosting and he is not available to because of technical problems with hosting. The next choice would be Shayden in Round 4 after all those countries that have left or cannot host.

because of this I have done 2 things for USong in it's Scheduling. I have made it Bi-Annual in that it will run in Summer AND Winter now similar to that of AINVision in the union of AIN.

This is to reduce the time between contests meaning that it is more likely that the Winner, 2nd place or 3rd place would be available to host the contest and would reduce wait for the games.


Another topic is my own Adonia's Best Talent Contest in that since Grand cannot host and I don't have the capability of hosting the Contest, and it's proximity to the Summer USong. It has been moved over to Autumn, between the USongs meaning only Spring is Contest-less (which hopefully would change soon)


As a result of these moves and events as well, the Summer USong Contest and the ABT Contest (now moved to Autumn) will go through Re-Bidding and in the case of ABT will go through having new acts chosen for that time.

The Emergency Elections for the Summer USong will come shortly after this announcement.


In Summary here are the changes to the Contest Schedules.

- USong is split into Summer and Winter versions
- ABT moves to Autumn not to clash
- If a winner is not found because all have left, re-bid

and changes in general

- USong Summer 2012 will be an emergency bid
- ABT 2012 will be a re-bid as well as new acts chosen


We thank you for reading and taking all this into account.

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2 Re: USong and ABT Contest Announcement on Thu Jul 12, 2012 4:43 pm

I like that idea Smile

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3 Re: USong and ABT Contest Announcement on Thu Jul 12, 2012 5:02 pm

It has been announced that Shayden will be hosts of USong Summer 2012 despite being observer. They are the highest position that can still host the competition and they placed in the last 2 on the 4th round.

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