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Random Pics from Boracoredia and the Boracoredia 500

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Northeast Stadium, home of Racing AFC and Rovers Boracoredia of the APBL.

Boracoredia Station on the outskirts.

Canal Park Secondary

The Northeast Canals

Some more of the Northeast Canals in downtown of the Suburb of Northeast

More Northeast Canals.

Zoomed out

WFFZ 96.3 Rock'n Radio, which also broadcasts live play-by-play of the Boracoredia 500 every year, and has since 1972, as it sits right next to the track's property.

Enterance to the Speedway just past Turn 4 of the Speedway.

Speaking of the Boracoredia Motor Speedway, Just three weeks ago was the 76th running of the Boracoredia 500. Last year's running was won by then Paap Racing V6 Cup Series driver Xavier Edwards in his lone race that season, after pole went to Roy Natal who broke the record for the oldest Pole Sitter at age 47 years, 76 days (Born January 23, 1964).

For 2012, Ben Jager took home pole for the front of the 27 car grid, which saw two shocking DNQ's between 2011 Championship runner-up Nobuto Mizokuchi and 2011 Boracoredia 500 pole sitter Roy Natal. Other DNQ's included Avent Rhéaume from the Laagian Torenwagen Kampionschap, LNCS Regular Byron Van de Geer,and triple V6 Stars Champion Kai Helbig. Above is Jager battling with the likes of Angus Neumann and Michaelangelo Mancini for the lead early in the race.

Above is the last lap battle between David Bowen and Ben Jager for the win

Ben Jager taking the win by .0354 seconds over Angus Neumann with David Bowen taking home third.

Livery of Ben Jager's #91 Carne Racing sponsored KMS Supersports entry.

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DDDD: F1!!!! (Or Indycar Razz)

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Love it =D=D Can we see the rest of the track please =P

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Carl: There's only an F1 Car and this other one in GT5 so I decided i'd call the F1 car an indycar Razz

Ying: I would've had a pic but the rest of the stuff around it wouldn't grow right :\

And I actually did this stuff about a month and a half ago, I just really don't have much motivation for CJ updates, although I have plenty to keep on with SC4.

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xD that is not an indycar Razz

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