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Wedding Day

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1 Wedding Day on Fri Feb 24, 2012 8:53 am

Postponed because of rain; rescheduled for 25 February 2012

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2 Re: Wedding Day on Fri Feb 24, 2012 1:29 pm

xD why not? Razz

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3 Re: Wedding Day on Fri Feb 24, 2012 1:30 pm

I hope no other delays happen but no rush, more time to the Royal Family and guests to see your beautiful country

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4 Re: Wedding Day on Fri Feb 24, 2012 6:35 pm


Member (Malinova)
Member (Malinova)
LOL, maybe it won't rain on Sunday! Razz Perhaps next week?

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5 Re: Wedding Day on Sat Feb 25, 2012 4:44 pm


Welcome, everyone, to the first Adonian Royal Wedding of the year! Today is the much-anticipated wedding between His Imperial and Royal Majesty Charles the First, King of Grand, Emperor of Belluterra, King of Malo, Prince of Tarskya, Grand Duke of Royale, Duke of Long Island, Count of Long Creek, Count of Skarr, and Count of Lake Tranquil, and Miss Jóhanna Anna Guðrúnsdóttir of the Republic of Gamat.

93 state guests are coming to the wedding, hailing from 23 different nations, 15 of which are members of the Union. In addition to these esteemed guests, who are staying at the Great Western Palace, situated on a narrow peninsula at Grand Island's northwest corner, thousands of others are also expected to attend, though for security's sake, they will be in a different part of the cathedral than the official guests. Besides the thousands who will see the event in person, millions, if not billions, are going to be watching this live on TV, the Internet, or what have you.

Here is one of many gardens in the world-famous palace, which is one of the largest built in the modern era, construction beginning several years before the Great Adonian War (1947-1952). This particular area is a memorial to the devastation caused by the GAW and associated conflicts, such as the Trentanno-Belluterran invasion and occupation of Grand, which lasted from 1941 to 1951, when the nation was liberated by the Posilliponian Armed Forces. Emnity between Grand and Trentannia has already died down, though; an example of the very good relations between the two nations now is the fact that the Trentannian King, Richard IV, and his wife Queen Julia, have been invited to the wedding. As you can see, a few dozen people have already begun to gather for the wedding, which will begin quite soon.

Here, en route to the Cathedral of Saint Francis (patron saint of the nation), we pass an area of the gardens dominated by tall, shady trees and beautiful decorative fountains in all shapes and sizes. This is one small part of the Fountain District of the palace, which covers nearly two square kilometers - larger than the Vateo, home of the Pope.

Deeper into the Fountain District, the fountains designs become more varied, and the pathways start to take unusual twists and turns, frequently crisscrossing each other. This is one of the most popular parts of the palace for tours, and is also one of the newest sections; the last fountain was switched on for the first time in 1989.

Getting back to the main path, we pass an outdoor hot tub, a miniature rose garden, and a statuary dedicated to famous figures from thorought history. As the time draws nearer, the crowd seems to be getting bigger...

Finally, we arrive at the cathedral, which almost everybody has already entered. Discounting civillian residences that used to be located here, this was one of the first buildings begun on the site, before the palace was ever concieved of. It was heavily damaged during the occupation era, as it was the focal point of a stronghold for Royalist troops. From a combination of Trentannian bombing and Belluterran shelling, very little was left of the structure by the time the town, and the palace, was liberated by the Posilliponian Navy in March 1951; what was left was torn down soon after for salvageable building materials. Starting in 1957, reconstruction began on the cathedral, and by 1975, it had been rebuilt and rededicated.

Everyone is now inside, and all that is missing is the bride and her father, who are due to arrive very soon.

His Imperial and Royal Majesty, King-Emperor Charles I

Miss Jóhanna Anna Guðrúnsdóttir

The bride has arrived! All eyes are on her as she, accompanied by her father Guðrún Arnarssón, moves forward to take her place by the altar next to Charles. She is wearing a beautiful, yet simple in design, wedding dress made from Ruterian silk, and having designs taken from nature sewn into various parts of the dress in gold thread. She is also wearing a Gamic wedding crown made of branches, leaves and minerals of her сhoice, with traditional Gamic charms hanging from it, designed to make a musical tinkling sound as she walks down the aisle, to protect her from malicious spirits which, according to Gamic tradition, love to wreak havoc upon newlyweds.

Jóhanna's Wedding Dress

At the altar, the groom's brother, the Prince Imperial and the Louwahkutapaht (head of the Church of Grand) are stationed to officiate over the wedding. Charles is wearing his ceremonial uniform as Commmander-in-Chief of the united armed forces of Grand, Belluterra, and Malo; complete with the sword "Wansisart", a relatively ancient heirloom of the Kingdom of Grand, passed down from King to King since the 16th century, when it was in possession of King Francis Roberts I, who founded the Royal Kingdom of Grand in the mid-1500s. The only time it has ever been out of the country since it was made was during the GAW, when King Francis V took the sword with him when he was forced to evacuate in the face of the advancing Belluterran Army and Trentannian Navy.


They have now reached the altar, and the wedding ceremony has officially begun. The two of them are now bowing together before the Prince Imperial and the Louwahkutapaht, the Emperor handing his brother the ceremonial sword, and the famous Gamic singer handing the Louwahkutapaht her artistically-designed bouquet of Khwint roses, as is tradition at Grandian royal weddings. Now the sword and roses have been placed on the altar, the King-Emperor and soon-to-be Queen-Empress, who are still kneeling, holding each other's hand, while reaching out with their other hand to touch the bouquet and sword, respectively. They are now about to take their vows of fealty to the nation, and to each other.

Charles Petersroy & Jóhanna Guðrúnsdóttir wrote:Hereby do we pledge fealty and service to Grand, to Belluterra, and to Malo, and to our peoples, and to each other. We thus promise to faithfully serve our three nations, and each other, in need or plenty, in war or peace, in sickness or health, in living or dying. *to each other, simultaneously* I will love, cherish, and honor you all the days of my life.

Now that they have taken their vows, they are both standing up again. The Prince Imperial has just taken the sword from the altar and handed it to the bride, while the Louwahkutapaht has removed the bouquet of roses and given it to the King. The two are exchanging the sword and the bouquet now, before they also exchange their wedding rings - two simple, unadorned 24k gold rings. Now, for the first time as a married couple, the newlyweds kiss. The crowd is now standing in applause.

Cathedral Crowd + Prince Imperial & Louwahkutapaht wrote:Long Live Charles and Jóhanna, King and Queen of Grand, Emperor and Empress of Belluterra, and King and Queen of Malo!

Now the Emperor and his new Empress are going to the royal carriage, designed for such events; it will take them to the celebratory banquet prepared for them, which, in a break from the usual custom, will take place in this glass pavillion instead of in the usual hall of the palace built for such things. In keeping with the international theme of Charles' coronation last year, as well as with the Grandian tradition that no two wedding banquets should have identical fare, dishes have been brought from all over the world, from Shayden to the Greater Morsco, to take their place here. We shall now list the different kinds of food and drink served:

Brennivín, from Gamat
Coffee, from Grand and Belluterra
Mantos soda, from Grand and Belluterra
Water, from Grand and Belluterra
Wedding-grade opeimen, from Grand and Belluterra
Agua de Horchata, from Insulo
Antarivo Wine, from Malo
Champagne, from Posillipo
Agua de Jamaica, from Ruteria
Monte Xanic Wine "Merlot", from Ruteria
Tequila, from Ruteria

Tabule, from Allajia
Harðfiskur, from Gamat
Minke whale kebabs, from Gamat
Rúgbrauð, from Gamat
Thunderbread, from Gamat
Kuphmuphekell, from Grand and Belluterra
Chipirones en su tinta, from Insulo
Jamon, from Insulo
Pineapple-chipotle salsa, from Oxacmela
Margherita pizza, from Palobia
Cheese fondue, from Posillipo
Empanadas de camarao, from Samasil
Spicy pretzels, from Shayden
Wienerschnitzel, from Sureicha
Crab rolls, from Troix
Maki rolls, from Troix
Nigirizushi, from Troix
Sashimi, from Troix
Tuna rolls, from Troix
Nalicnici, from Utrova

Skúffukaka, from Gamat
Pune stew, from Grand and Belluterra
Onion soup, from Posillipo
Sopa de tortilla, from Ruteria
Miso soup, from Troix

Main Dishes:
Hangikjöt, from Gamat
Phusaak malsai, from Grand and Belluterra
Brassica suilla, from the Greater Morsco
Orissagammarus, from the Greater Morsco
Torquetii tomsecteturii, from the Greater Morsco
Chiles en Nogada, from Ruteria
Sashimi, from Troix
Shrimp tempura, from Troix
Arroz con pollo, from Vanadla

Side Dishes:
Lifrarpylsa, from Gamat
Sviðasulta, from Gamat
Shasse awalow, from Grand and Belluterra
Shasse stapaw, from Grand and Belluterra
Stapaw, from Grand and Belluterra
Chile relleno, from Ruteria

Aktis, from Grand and Belluterra
Kuntishaleet, from Grand and Belluterra
Pwakeoik, from Grand and Belluterra)
Sectioned pieces of ketafruit, from Grand and Belluterra
Hua'ulu Bread, from Paradise
Simply Tranquil Triple Chocolate Fudge Cake, from Paradise
Arroz con leche, from Ruteria
Blueberries, from Utrova
Rasperries, from Utrova
Strawberries, from Utrova
Natilla, from Vanadla
Tres Leches Cake, from Vanadla

And with that, we must leave them... for now. Khot hap ee ko, and thanks for visiting!

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6 Re: Wedding Day on Sat Feb 25, 2012 4:51 pm


Member (Oxacmela & Balisca)
Member (Oxacmela & Balisca)
Loved It!!!! Marvelous! You made an awesome update Dan! I loved the wedding!!!

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7 Re: Wedding Day on Sat Feb 25, 2012 5:32 pm

Love it very much and it was fully awesome ^_^ Long Live Charles and Jóhanna, King and Queen of Grand, Emperor and Empress of Belluterra, and King and Queen of Malo! ^_^

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8 Re: Wedding Day on Sat Feb 25, 2012 6:45 pm

Ummm, you could have make sashimi side dishes LOL or appetizers LOL Razz

Very nice!

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9 Re: Wedding Day on Sat Feb 25, 2012 8:09 pm


Waoh! Completely amazing.

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10 Re: Wedding Day on Sat Feb 25, 2012 9:38 pm


I love FOOD Razz, The PM would like to congratulate the couple

11 Re: Wedding Day on Sun Feb 26, 2012 12:33 am

Beautiful location and great food!

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12 Re: Wedding Day on Sun Feb 26, 2012 6:07 am


Perfect work on this! Just awesome! Razz

13 Re: Wedding Day on Mon Feb 27, 2012 10:35 am

Stunning gardens.. you surely are a master of beautiful settings.

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