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Accepted: Full membership | Akemoor Anarchistic

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Accept Akemor as a full member?

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Total Votes : 7

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Coat of Arms: No universally agreed upon coat of arms. (it's a law, it must be agreed upon) Most official documents and other things that involve a coat of arms just use the distinctive feather of the screaming dunderbird as the symbol.

Itzamna. Pretty sure you know exactly where Itzamna is.

History: You ready? Got your popcorn and drinks?

In the beginning, Akemoor (not called that at the time) was a scattered Tribal peoples that were..well...unknown to the world at all. They encompassed most of Itzamna and some of Euphemia. Then, during a great political incident involving the beheading of over 7000 virgins, the southern Euphemia tribes were...not welcome anymore. Not at all. They did eventually disperse and shrink down to nothing without the trade and the spiritual support from the much larger tribes in the north.
The tribes in the north for some time shrank away from the South leaving the adjoining area between the two landmasses completely empty if only for a few nuts and loners. This trend continued for over 1000 years until eventually they receded to around the northern tip of modern day Ruteria. From here, they stayed virtually put.

Right up until that great battle. The peoples of the southern Rainforest's had the great idea to settle down in one place and grow their own food nearer to them instead of permanently traveling the land for it, which at the time was a radical and completely backwards notion. It was not met with open arms. (well, it was technically...arms as in weapons) The even further north tribes in modern day Akemoor and Modern day Poladrian Imperium were not pleased with this so they sent an army of all the men they could muster and went to face this menace head on. Let it be known they won. They did however lose three quarters of their men against the slightly more advanced Southerners. It was from this that the northern tribes vowed to never be like them, to never settle down, to never leave the responsibility in one persons hands...this MAJOR culture hit lasted throughout the many thousands of years they peacefully co-existed with nature.

Up until Eastern peoples from Athena came along.

The Polandrian tribes were first to go, victim to rapidly spreading disease. Heck, not many people saw them the disease took hold so fast. Then? the western Tribes that had been Easernised (Athena is East right? thus Easternised instead of Westernised) and victim to the disease. The only ones to retain the culture were the central Tribes that...didn't enjoy explorers to say the least. It was not until in the past hundred years or so that the fledgeling country was actually a country at all, they quickly took the lands they thought as their own....then gave back most of it as the guys with the guns are always right...right? Anyway, they had their own land and by some stroke of wonder had agreed upon a flag. During this time, the culture began to change. It changed from "Never be them" to something more civilized and mature, it was more just the basic principles that held them together now, the "not letting one singular person or body in charge, it's the whole country that decides" and "Travel the lands to become more spiritually enlightened" but did away with things like "Don't settle" and "Don't trust outsiders" although discrimination is rampant in the country even today.

In 1967, a 'government' (corporation more like it) was formed. didn't garner money from taxes like most others, no. It gained money by owning most business in the growing capital City. They are in charge of the following.
- Providing a better quality of life for everyone, no exceptions. (this is education, emergency services and well as minor public traffic and minor utility works)
- Representing the peoples as a whole and fair committee. (this, the hard part of the job, is to represent the country as everyone. It means they have to know the opinion of the whole country and all the small areas compared to larger ones and so on, not easy and the results of not representing a certain area? well expect some protest)
- To fairly and justly distribute wealth to those in need. (Centerlink for all you Aussies out there, Money for bums for you not Aussies)
- To not interfere with justice (they make no laws, they don't have a court system)


Population: 13'000'000 give or take a couple thousand
Major cities population: - Manangari(capital): 1'640'000 - Hermogryh (Her-moi-je-ree): 460'000 - Darnelle: 2'760'000 - Maj: 200'000 (followed by rapid bay, Henis and Melany)
Labguages: Various. Most people speak Angaki (Larpinta for those in the know, Aboriginie for those not)
Long form: Akemoor Anarchist Republic
Basic form: Akemoor
Short form: hell Akemoor
Government type: No official (anarchistic, with a hint of democracy)
Capital: Manangari (Ma-nang-gar-ee)
Administrative divisions: 5 States, 90 sub states, 3 territories.
Dependant areas: None

GDP: 98.78 billion
GDP per capita:$7598.46
GDP - composition by sector:
agriculture: 50.8%
industry: 26.9%
services: 23.3%

Unemployment rate:
Population below poverty line:
Population Obscenely rich: (billions and beyond)


manangari CBD

series of Housing projects and an old factory in Klakatoon

That mystery scene of Darnelle....the one and only pic of Darnelle anyone will get till I do the MASSIVE Darnelle update and flood you all with pics.

Just south of Hermogryh


Angaraka just zoomed out a little

And here is the stupidly big one that should probably count for 10 pictures on it's own

and just to satisfy you more...some more pics

A remote hotel/ruin/tourist trap

A small community outside Darnelle

A small community near Mt.Hornby

Rapid bay CBD

Hope that's enough pictures.

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Stunning and well worth the support of my Nation for full membership.

Lots of updates.. lots of pictures and a great history.

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Absolutely stunning! YES!

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Astounding job, 110% YES! Very Happy

I'd say this is 20% cooler than your original application as well, but you don't like ponies, so... =P

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Voting Yes! Very Happy It's a beautiful application, I'll probably go fro a full membership too, when I get more time on my hands.


Admin (Shayden)
Admin (Shayden)
Yes! Going to vote now.

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Member (Ami Confederation)
Extremely good application! Definite yes!

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Voted! Very Happy

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stunning, Voted ^_^

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This an amazing application! Very Happy

Finally I get to see some African-styled CJs.


Looks good Bigro

8 Votes so far .. think it might be a pass by my calculations?

Quick Bigro .. to the Goon Mobile, we have some partying to do!

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I think we might need to do a revote, as apparently, the permissions weren't changed, allowing ambassadorial members to vote (only full members can vote on a full-membership application) D:

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durp, may need to eh?

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D: Oh noes :\

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Yep, sorry, we'll have to have a re-vote if they weren't changed.

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Re-voted Razz

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Revoted as well Razz

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Admin (Shayden)
Admin (Shayden)
I'm very sorry about that. I'll do a better job next time. Blush Crying

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Hmmm... when would this be accepted?

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Admin (Shayden)
Admin (Shayden)
It's accepted, but my schedule has been heck.

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:C I feel for you Kurt.


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Congratulations! Very Happy

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Well done .. and congrats to our latest full member .. much deserved.

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Congratulations! Welcome to USNW Full Members Association Razz

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