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Case Proposal: Insulo, Shayden, Ruteria, et al. vs. Raelion Cae Magnus

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Member (Kuyrut)
Member (Kuyrut)
After independent investigations by the Better Business Bureau of Kuyrut had lead to the discovery of reports that Raelion Cae Magnus, or Raelion Cae had been violating USNW human rights laws by

Authorizing "summary execution, crimes against humanity, torture, inhumane treatment, and inadequate work conditions" in Quechina and eastern Itzamna; due to these extremely serious crimes, we believe that it is furthermore the case that this company should be fined or even dismantled.

This case has not been new and was opened in 2004, with a payout of 24 million, but the BBB does not feel it was enough punishment. For a company to execute its own workers, as well as torturing them to the point of death, it should be punished to the full extent of the law.

Along with these crimes against humanity, we would like to charge Raelion Cae for its acts against the environment by "severely and irreversibly damaging the natural environment and landscape, killing millions of plants and animals, and polluting extreme amounts of water and soil" in Althena, Quechina and eastern Itzamna.

Current Supporters of this Case
Government of Shayden
Government of Ruteria
Government of Insulo
Government of Troix
Government of New Friscia
Government of Utrova
Government of Rheinland
Government of Tatra
Government of Dantanaea
Government of Grand Æscail
Government of Akemoor
Government of Posillipo

Better Business Bureau of Kuyrut
Wildlife Protection Organization
Gamic Enviroment Watch
Liniarstian Enviromental Group
Fovazh Enviromental Academy
Organization of Global Humanities ~ Kuyrut
The Taiji
A Solan Group

Shayden Industries
Troix Airways
Imperial Airlines
Imperial Oil
Imperial Cruises
Devine Athletics
Air Cologne
Grand Palm Industries
Kuyrutian Airways
Sokoya Shipbuilding
Kekso Industries
United Electric
Enito Car Company
Unified Airlines
Shayden Foods
Kyukon Healthcare
Kuyrut Aerospace
Imperial Shipping
Venus Corporation
Royal Adonia
Gateway Shipping Company
Aelon Opthus

Jutsu I of Troix ~ Emperor of Troix
Hedalgo Enigo ~ President of Kuyrut
Tadagutsu Jobei ~ Prime Minister of Troix
Alejandro Zapata ~ Ruterian Department of Enviroment, former Minister of Environment of the USNW
Bill Verdaz ~ CEO of Shayden Industries
John Dendeun ~ President of Kuyrutian Airways
Grand Æscailian Royal Family ~ Monarchy of Grand Æscail
Sofia Auro Colette IV ~ Queen of Posillipo
Étienne Barthélémy ~ First Minister of Posillipo

Kuyrutian School of of Environmental Studies
Shuyu Technology Institute
Nova Utrova Acadame
Orkovgrad School District
Chidessan District
Orkovgrad Institute
Orkovgrad National Library
National Chidessan University

Kuyrutian Times
Shuyu International

Joe and Frank's Supermarkets
Art Republic
Fan's Bakery

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Case Proposal: Insulo, Shayden, Ruteria, et al. vs. Raelion Cae Magnus  Flags_1

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The Federal Government of New Friscia hereby supports this case.

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The Gateway Shipping Co. would like to support this...

This should be interesting.

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Rheinland supports this case. Also the following Rheinland companies also support the case, Devine Athletics, Luftbahn, Air Cologne, LuxusJet, AADS.


Greater Morsco stays neutral to this case.
Republic of Tatra supports this case.
Raelion Cae Magnus will express its attitude on this later.

Due to the Consul of the High Court, would would preside over this case, also being the Grandian Representative to the International Assembly, Grand, Belluterra, and Malo shall remain neutral on this issue.

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Maybe we can change the name now since many nations are now supporting the case Razz

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Member (Ami Confederation)
The Government of Dantanaea supports this case.

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The Government of Grand Aescail and the Royal Family of Grand Aescail supports this case as well.

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the peoples of Akemoor have expressed their concerns over this. The Akemoor Government has no choice but to support

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Queen Sofia Auro Colette, First Minister Étienne Barthélémy, and the government of the Kingdom of Posillipo support this case fully.

Case Proposal: Insulo, Shayden, Ruteria, et al. vs. Raelion Cae Magnus  3zfQd
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OOoooooh Lots of supporters Razz

Maybe soon we can launch our opening statements Razz (If you saw our combined statement (Daniel and I) it's big, maybe a combined statement between 70+ supporters will be huge Razz)

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The case is now open. Plaintiffs, please provide your opening statement(s).

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Did you hear Daniel? Razz Fixed. =P -Daniel

Opening Statement by the Sanese Government and the Taiji
The Government of Troix supports the case not by the fact that Raelion Cae commits murder, according to other nations such as Posillipo and Insulo, but due to the fact that Raelion Cae's mines are producing dangerous amounts of toxins in the atmosphere as well as environmental damage to fragile ecosystems, especially in the area around the Katsuran Sea. Recent tests show that high amounts of carbon monoxide in the atmosphere that came from Morsco inside the territorial boundaries of Troix, which is one of the closest neighbors to Morsco. The government would also like to take note that the company also polluted water by dumping several amounts of toxic chemicals in the environment, which affects ecosystem in the marine life around Morsco and Troix.

The Taiji says that Raelion Cae caused massive environmental problems in areas of operation in Itzamna, Althena and Neridea, where huge amounts of soil and water were polluted. The Taiji is suing Raelion Cae for 50 Million En.

Fan's bakery states that Raelion Cae was unable to deliver them Gold Shavings they ordered at, which they paid for 2,350 Enieos. The package was never delivered. They were not compensated and is now suing Raelion Cae for 10,000 Enieos for damages.

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Defendants, please provide your opening statement now.

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Wait, we haven't head from everyone yet Razz

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Opening Statement by Raelion Cae
Raelion Cae says that they don't murdered or tortured workers, although it was probably done by uncontroled minor subsidiaries in these states; the bad security and working conditions caused that various militant groups were attacking industrial areas and raiding them for gold, also killing and torturing many workers.

Aelsthron II Palatine, owner of Raelion Cae Magnus, says these problems are old and there are currently plans how to get better working conditions and get rid of gold mafia.

Aelsthron II also says that Raelion Cae really caused these enviromental damages, polluted water and soil, killed many animals and decimated many forests what still continues, although he plans to make Raelion Cae more ecological in the future.

For that, we think that Raelion Cae shouldn't be fined in major extent.

Would the next plaintiff please step up now.

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Guys? :\ Let's make an opening argument here Neutral

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I'll make an opening argument if no one else will Neutral

I did, I just need the others to write Razz

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oh, okay :lol: my bad Razz

You still can, I'm waiting for you lol!

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Member (Kuyrut)
Member (Kuyrut)
Sorry I didn't know it got moved

The BBB believes that Raelion Cae needs to put more restrictions on how they run their operations, as it is stated that torture and death have been used, even though not directly by the main company but by lower level managers. They also should have been more protective and secure with their mining operations, and this gross negligence along with you admitting you have caused a ecological disaster has proven a point in that Raelion Cae should be fined, and forced to fix its messes

Case Proposal: Insulo, Shayden, Ruteria, et al. vs. Raelion Cae Magnus  Flags_1

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