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1 USNW Summits on Sun Jan 22, 2012 9:30 pm



Starting in the great month of February, the United Sovereign Nations of the World will host monthly Summits for all Full and Ambassadorial members and corporations from those states. Now beginning with the first edition, USNW Summits will provide the leading platform for international policy makers, innovators, business decision makers and investors to explore global decisions with the view of creating real and sustainable solutions.

Every month, USNW Summits will bring together over twenty nations and corporations based their to reveal the latest innovations and discuss the burning issues surrounding future decisions. This is your opportunity to hear cutting-edge information, gain first hand knowledge, and discuss with international colleagues the challenges and solutions for the future.

  • February Summit

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2 Re: USNW Summits on Sun Jan 22, 2012 9:30 pm



February's Summit program has been designed to address the theme of Energy Stability, Green Energy, and Energy Infrastructure. As the global demand for energy continues to escalate, it is innovation which will transform our traditionally fossil fuel based energy into a diverse mix featuring renewable and sustainable energy sources. It is innovation which will enable the development of advanced clean energy technology and continue to make huge leaps forward in improving energy efficiency. Throughout the five days of the Summit, the underlying theme of innovation will be seen across the framework of policy, business, technology and finance. We'd like to invite any Full or Ambassadorial Member, as well as the companies in your nation, to attend the summit, important info will be listed below.

Cxefurbo, Insulo


February 13 through February 17


If you or a company is attending, please sign up here.
Nation Name:
Delegates Attending:
Question you would like added:
CEO(s), ect Attending:

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3 Re: USNW Summits on Sun Jan 22, 2012 10:18 pm

Nation Name: Troix
Delegates Attending: Goku Yamashita, Minister of Foreign Affairs; Shinchiro Sekai, Ambassador of Troix to the USNW
Question you would like added:
-How can we reduce light pollution?
-How can nations help out to reduce energy?
-What alternative energy sources are available for countries?
Company(s): Okasharyo (TRail), Troix Airways, Petrosan
CEO(s), ect Attending (last name, first name): Yasuda Tadakatsu (Okasharyo), Maeda Go (Troix Airways), Shimazu Yoshihasa (Petrosan)

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4 Re: USNW Summits on Sun Jan 22, 2012 11:39 pm


Member (Oxacmela & Balisca)
Member (Oxacmela & Balisca)
Nation Name: Gamat
Delegates Attending: Anna Sigursdóttir
Question you would like added:
- Which is the best non-renewable energy source for a Nation like Gamat?
Company(s): Landsorkuveita
CEO(s), ect Attending: Hjörleifur Þorssón

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5 Re: USNW Summits on Mon Jan 23, 2012 12:37 am


First Minister (Kaskaskia & Insulo)
First Minister (Kaskaskia & Insulo)
Republic of Insulo

Official Government Delegates:

Senate Committee on Energy and Resources
Eliú Godínez Perea (Chief of Committee)
Calixto Ojeda Argüello
Laura Sandoval Archuleta
Babbete Baez Arellano
Mirah Shayma Ghannam
Deshawn Lewandowski
Alejandrino Villa Barrera
Kristen Luevano Hernandes

Insulonian Delegation to the United Sovereign Nations
Jon Clark (Chief of Delegation)
Virna Oquendo Menéndez (Chief of Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs)
Anías Naranjo Garibay
Argentina Solís Ybarra
Othmaro Betancourt Mojica

Executive Offices of the Republic
Timothy Clarke (President of Insulo)
Andrés Gamez Barrios (Vice President)
Francesc Rocha Alvarado (Cabinet Liaison to the Senate Committee on Energy and Resources)
Dora Acosta Valdés (Minister of Energy)
Sotero Maestas Díaz (Minister of Environment)
Rudolph Vallejo Santiago (Minister of Foreign Affairs)

Questions you would like added:

What is the most cost-efficient energy option to recommend to municipalities for reducing emissions and switching to green energy?
What is the best option for reducing or eliminating automobile emissions while maintaining performance?
Are any current renewable energy options feasible as a complete replacement for fossil fuels?
How can we optimize natural gas production?
Are there new innovations in nuclear power that make it more cost-efficient and safe?
Is geothermal the best option for areas that have potential for geothermal power production?


All companies listed will have presentations.

Kristen Altamirano Blanco (CEO)
Jing Hê (CFO)
Arcadio Olivárez Jiménez (Chief Adviser on Sustainability)

Francisco Dixon (CEO)

Kurt Flores Olvera (CEO)

Anaxagoras Serrato Berrios (CEO)
Favian Caballero Roybal (Chief Adviser on Energy Solutions)

Cándice Santiago Salinas (CEO)

Alemeda Technologies
Verne Barela Arce (CEO)
Donnie Miller (CFO)

RA Group
Cleofe Curiel Tórrez (CEO)
Gandolfo Colunga Elizondo (Chief Adviser on Energy)

Glenn Crown (CEO)

Hogara Health Technology Systems
Jalilah Iftikar Tannous (CEO)

Importuna Technologies
Joyce Urbina Saenz (CEO)
Danae Muro Sarabia (CFO)
Baldassarre Rossi (Chief Adviser on Energy)

Queila Galindo Magana (CEO)

Iluminada Figueroa Bueno (CEO)
Lisette Juárez Robledo (Chief Adviser on Sustainability)

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6 Re: USNW Summits on Mon Jan 23, 2012 6:19 am

Nation Name: Grand, Belluterra, and Malo
Delegates Attending: Representative Daniel Emperor, First Minister of the United Sovereign Nations of the World
Question you would like added:
Company(s): Imperial Airlines
CEO(s), ect Attending: Maridek Johnson (President of Imperial Airlines)

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7 Re: USNW Summits on Mon Jan 23, 2012 2:08 pm


Also, I was also planning Energetics summit in february as USNW Minister of Energy.

Nation Name:
Greater Morsco
Delegates Attending:
David Nigellus(USNW minister of Energy)
Evanna Elleastha(Greater Morsco minister of energetics)
Nicolas Flayor(secretary of government)
Company(s): Raelion Cae Magnus, Aelon Opthus, Laestrom Auros, Aerythos Petroleum
CEO(s), ect Attending: Antonius Emerinicon(Raelion Cae CEO), Ulysses Sacromenthos(Aelon Opthus CEO), Marcus Jackson(Laestrom Auros CEO), Nicolas Arator(Aerythos Petroleum CEO)

8 Re: USNW Summits on Mon Feb 06, 2012 3:57 pm


So when this? D:

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9 Re: USNW Summits on Mon Feb 13, 2012 9:22 pm


The summit will begin tomorrow, if you haven't signed up by the opening ceremony you can't participate.

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10 Re: USNW Summits on Tue Feb 14, 2012 3:48 am

Nation Name: Ordanus

Delegates Attending: Foreign Minister Mor Norokk

Question you would like added:
-What are the financial implications for large investment companies seeking to green a business and whether compensation would be claimable for companies affected by any changes.
-What financial incentives would be made available to deter companies moving to non USNW Nations to avoid greening their business practice and/or any increase in tax or fees or lawsuits related to any changes to energy matters.

Kingston 500 Organization

CEO(s), ect Attending:
Chairman Duk soo
COO Thon Radi

PS.. I finish early tomorrow, so I might be able to make the meeting?

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